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Cheap flights with China Eastern Airlines (MU)

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Cheap Flights with China Eastern Airlines

Cheap flights found on within the past 48 hours(per person, including taxes and fees)

OriginDestinationPrice R/TDatesAirline
ShanghaiPVGtoHong KongHKG$21706/05 - 06/08China Eastern
TokyoHNDtoHong KongHKG$33005/14 - 05/17China Eastern
BusanPUStoTaipeiTPE$38007/24 - 07/30China Eastern
DaeguTAEtoTaipeiTSA$38007/24 - 07/30China Eastern
TaipeiTSAtoTokyoNRT$41607/14 - 07/18China Eastern
SingaporeSINtoSeoulICN$44307/07 - 07/17China Eastern
SeoulICNtoTaipeiTPE$45205/30 - 06/12China Eastern
BangkokBKKtoTokyoHND$49706/27 - 07/01China Eastern
TokyoHNDtoPhnom PenhPNH$65004/30 - 05/10China Eastern
KathmanduKTMtoKunmingKMG$75304/25 - 04/28China Eastern
Los AngelesLAXtoHong KongHKG$79204/27 - 05/17China Eastern
SeoulGMPtoChiang MaiCNX$88405/03 - 05/06China Eastern

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