UPDATE [Aug. 15, 2014, 11:05 a.m. EST]: These fares are sold out. Roundtrip fares to Norway are now $732 & up.

The deal experts at Fly.com have found that fares from Houston to Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger have dropped to just $619 roundtrip. Experience the natural beauty and fjords of Norway this fall with these amazing fares to Norway that can save you as much as $800 off the typical roundtrip fare.

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  • Save anywhere between $250-$800 off roundtrip flights for the same time period.

Travel Dates:

  • Travel through October 25, 2014.

Sample Screenshots:

IAH BGO Fly.com Search Results 300x242 $619    Norway from Houston (Roundtrip, incl. Tax)

Houston-Bergen: Fly.com Search Results

IAH BGO Priceline Booking Page 300x285 $619    Norway from Houston (Roundtrip, incl. Tax)

Houston-Bergen: Priceline Booking Page

IAH OSL Fly.com Search Results 300x228 $619    Norway from Houston (Roundtrip, incl. Tax)

Houston-Oslo: Fly.com Search Results

IAH OSL Priceline Booking Page 300x283 $619    Norway from Houston (Roundtrip, incl. Tax)

Houston-Oslo: Priceline Booking Page

IAH SVG Fly.com Search Results 300x257 $619    Norway from Houston (Roundtrip, incl. Tax)

Houston-Stavanger: Fly.com Search Results

IAH SVG Priceline Booking Page 300x288 $619    Norway from Houston (Roundtrip, incl. Tax)

Houston-Stavanger: Priceline Booking Page

More Information:

You can easily visit all three cities using the very effective Norwegian rail and bus system if you’re not in a rush. Taking a train from Oslo to Stavanger will take you along the scenic southern coast of Norway and take about eight hours. If you book in advance, one-way tickets start at around USD$40.

From Stavanger to Bergen, you can take a 4.5 hour bus ride for USD$72 one-way through Kystbussen. It’ll include a car ferry ride and go over islands and along the coast.

Going from Bergen back to Oslo by train is about seven hours, and this train trip is often considered one of the world’s best train trips and is Northern Europe’s highest railway. If time is not an issue, this train ride is worth it as you go through beautiful mountain passes and “over the roof of Norway.” Tickets also at around USD$40 one-way. Train tickets from/to Oslo are available through Norwegian State Railways’ website.

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