Here is a round-up of this week’s travel news – from a new way of rating airlines, to soccer tweets, transferring miles posthumously and the world’s cheapest airline. Enjoy!

New Study Rates Airlines Based on Passenger Preferences

If you are curious about what you get for your ticket, a new industry survey looks at the best and worst airlines based on different types of air travel criteria like seat size, consumer satisfaction and baggage fees. Spirit, JetBlue, Virgin America, Frontier and AirTran dominate in the budget, standard, comfort and customer service categories.

Delta Airlines Makes World Cup Social Media Faux Pas

It seems Delta Airlines offended many Twitter followers when it posted a picture of a giraffe as a way to visually depict the country of Ghana. The real rub; giraffes aren’t native to Ghana.

Only Alaska Airlines and US Airways Transfer Miles for Free in Event of Death

Do you expect your hard earned reward miles to be bequeathed to a loved one when you die? Think again. Not all airlines allow miles to be transferred in the event of death and, many of those that do will charge you for it.

Who is the World’s Cheapest Airline?

You may be surprised to hear that Spirit Airlines and Southwest aren’t even in the top ten of’s world’s cheapest airline list. Instead Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, takes top spot. Updates

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