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About Us is the simplest way to find the right flight at the right price. is an airfare search engine that makes looking for airfares both quick and easy. When you use, the site searches hundreds of airline and major travel sites for real-time fares, and then presents the results in a simple, clean and easy-to-understand format. We even include taxes in the fare prices so you can quickly see the total cost. searches major domestic and international airlines, including low cost airlines, and even online travel agencies and airfare consolidators. Why is this important? The breadth of the sites we search helps make sure we present you with the very best fares. From companies like Travelocity to JetBlue to many lesser-known discount sellers in between we want to make sure you find the best deal.



But we are not a booking engine. We help you decide which flights are right for you, and show you where to book. When you find the right flight simply click on the “select” link to be taken directly to the supplier’s Web site.



Finally, if it isn’t obvious, we don’t force you to sign in to our site, and we don’t charge you for our service. We make our money from our partners and advertisers.

Where did we come from? was launched by Travelzoo to help people find the best airfares. Travelzoo has been publishing the best travel deals for millions of subscribers for over 10 years. In the summer of 2008, Travelzoo convened a team to design and build what became We launched our U.S. site in February 2009, our U.K. site in August 2009, our German site in July 2010, and our Canada site in 2012.’s mission’s mission is to simplify airfare search.


At, our goal is to cut through the clutter and confusion and create the simplest way to find the right flight at the right price.


What is it about that makes us stand out?

  • Our displays are clean and uncluttered
  • We provide filter tools to help you narrow results using factors like number of stops and departures times
  • Search results include prices for both economy and premium seating on our “summary” page
  • Fare displays include all applicable taxes and fees
  • We integrate travel deals from our parent company, Travelzoo directly into the search results