"Travel tip: luggage fee calculator"

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Thu 11 Nov 2010

Travel tip: luggage fee calculator

By: Max Harrold, The Gazette

The airfare search engine Fly.com has a new feature that lets travellers know what they can expect in baggage fees when travelling on major airlines. 

For example, when flying from Boston to New York, the $62 U.S. flight appears to be the same whether flying with Delta, American Airlines or JetBlue. The luggage icon, however, reveals that there is a $23 U.S. surcharge for baggage on Delta and a $25 U.S. fee on American Airlines while JetBlue lets travellers take the first bag for free. Those travelling from New York to San Francisco with two bags will find similar results: while the flight is $150 U.S., baggage fees are $60 U.S. on Delta, American Airlines and US Airways or $25 U.S. on Air Tran. 

Fly.com is not a booking engine. Instead, users are referred to the appropriate website for direct booking. Fly.com is owned by Travelzoo Inc.