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Labor Day Weekend Getaway Fares, $39 & up (each way)

By Staff


In response to a huge new sale, many major airlines have scrambled to match new low fares for travel over Labor Day weekend.


Fly from cities across the U.S. for as little as $39 each way.  Many of these routes are up to $200 OFF typical holiday-weekend prices.


Book by Thursday for travel Sept. 2-6.


Western U.S. Destination

Each Way

R/T with tax View Fares
  Seattle Spokane $39 $99 see calendar
  Phoenix El Paso $45 $130 see calendar
  Denver Albuquerque $49 $118 see calendar
  San Francisco San Diego $49 $119 see calendar
  San Diego Tucson $54 $149 see calendar
  Spokane Portland $59 $139 see calendar
  Oakland Denver $87 $217 see calendar
  Central U.S. Destination Each Way R/T with tax See Fares
  Dallas San Antonio $51 $123 see calendar
  Chicago Minneapolis $59 $139 see calendar
  Austin Denver $59 $139 see calendar
  Cleveland Chicago $59 $139 see calendar
  Nashville St. Louis $59 $161 see calendar
  Kansas City Albuquerque $89 $212 see calendar
  Milwaukee Denver $92 $204 see calendar
  Eastern U.S. Destination Each Way R/T with tax See Fares
  New York City Baltimore $59 $139 see calendar
  Raleigh Orlando $59 $158 see calendar
  Tampa New Orleans $89 $212 see calendar
  Washington, D.C. Louisville $90 $218 see calendar
  Providence Orlando $105 $249 see calendar


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