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$50 & up -- Fly Nationwide from Baltimore and Reagan Airports

By Fly.com Staff


The combination of new airfare sales and unadvertised fare cuts has driven down prices to cities across the country from Baltimore and D.C.'s Reagan airport.  Fly for just $50-$109 each way, including many popular west coast destinations like Las Vegas and San Francisco.


Many of these routes are as much as $200 off regular roundtrip prices


Availability can vary by route. To easily find the best days to travel use the links below to access Fly.com's Low Fare Calendars.


Baltimore to:    Each Way  
   R/T incl. tax  
   View Fares  
St. Louis $50 $143 See Calendar
Indianapolis $59 $139 See Calendar
Seattle $79 $196-$198 See Calendar
Miami $79 $179 See Calendar
New Orleans $81 $183 See Calendar
Las Vegas $109  $247-$258 See Calendar
D.C. (Reagan) to:    Each Way   R/T incl. Tax View Fares
San Francisco $89 $212-$234 See Calendar
Tucson $92 $224 See Calendar
Los Angeles $94-$104 $228-$248 See Calendar

Portland, Oregon

$99  $241 See Calendar
Phoenix $99-$109 $241-$261 See Calendar


NOTE: All fares quoted on Fly.com are roundtrip including taxes.


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