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Fiji a top destination
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Thu 01 Jan 2015

FIJI has been ranked fifth in the 2015 Top 10 Most Desired Countries to travel to by American and Canadian tourists.


According to the latest New Year Travel Resolutions Survey by, Fiji was among destinations from the Pacific that dominated the list.


Australia topped the survey, beating second placed Italy. New Zealand came in a close third.


The survey revealed that Pacific destinations were now more popular among North American travellers.


Other entrants included Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, French Polynesia and the United States.


The report also stated that Americans in the Midwest favoured warm weather destinations closer to home such as Aruba and Belize.


In the South and Northeast, travellers put Japan in their top 10 list — the only regions to pick an Asian country (other than Canada and the Maldives). Italy was in the top two destinations for every region except the South, where Australia, New Zealand and Fiji took the top three spots.


The Western states favoured European destinations, including Croatia and Norway.


All regions, except for the Northeast, ranked the United Kingdom as a desirable destination — surprising given its close proximity.


Meanwhile, Tourism Fiji will welcome its first tourist for 2015 on New Year's Day.


The tourism body revealed the visitor will arrive on board a Fiji Airways flight at 5am and will be accorded a VIP escort during their arrival at the Nadi International Airport.