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Want to Save This Thanksgiving? Head Westward
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Tue 21 Oct 2014

Sure, Uncle Joe and Aunt Sue may live on the East Coast, but if you want to save this fall and Thanksgiving you may want to consider holding Turkey Day on the west side of the United States (sorry, Uncle Joe and Aunt Sue).


At least, that’s what the latest data study from suggests.


According to, the Thanksgiving (Nov. 21-30) and post-Thanksgiving (Dec. 1-21) travel periods may be the best times to take that dream trip to Hawaii. Fares are down 4 percent to 8 percent compared to last year.


Fares to Maui (down 8 percent), Los Angeles (down 5 percent), Denver (down 4 percent) and Phoenix (down 2 percent) also cost less than last year for the post-Thanksgiving travel period.

If you want to travel during the pre-Thanksgiving period (Sept. 22-Nov. 20), then Dallas may be your best bet (the only domestic fare to decrease pre-Thanksgiving compared to last year, down 2 percent).


Some of the best Thanksgiving travel deals include: L.A. to Las Vegas (currently $90 roundtrip, including taxes), Minneapolis to Chicago ($99), Atlanta to Dallas ($105), Atlanta to Washington D.C. ($105) and Denver to Dallas.


On the flip side, Florida’s popularity as a Thanksgiving destination has caused fares to soar, particularly in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Miami where fares have increased year-over-year from 7 percent to 25 percent.


The study also revealed that popular fall destinations cost an average of $105 more during the Thanksgiving travel period, but drop $123 on average post-Thanksgiving.

That being said, that doesn’t apply to Tampa. From Dec. 1-21, fares to the Florida hotspot are up 25 percent year-over-year.


“To borrow the words of American author Horace Greeley, it is time to ‘go west,’” said Warren Chang, vice president and general manager of, via a press release. “For anyone still looking to use up their vacation days without breaking the bank, the West Coast and Mountain states offer something for every taste. There are also some amazing hotel deals out there for Hawaii and Los Angeles that can save travelers even more money.”


The study included all searches conducted in 2013 and 2014 between Aug. 1 and Sept. 21 for the pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving periods. 


For more on the study, click here and here.


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