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 1.     What is is an innovative travel search engine. We find the best prices on flights from hundreds of airlines and online travel agencies with one quick and easy search.

(In Internet parlance, is known as a travel meta-search engine.  Meta-search engines search multiple sources of information, such as other websites and databases, before returning search results at the same time.)


2.     How is different than an online travel agency? is a travel search engine and not an online travel agency.

Think of Google and Yahoo, two popular search engines.  You find information about products and services when using them, but you do not buy products or services from them.


Similarly, provides travel information, but we do not handle any travel bookings.  When you find your desired trip after searching on, we take you directly to a travel provider’s website (such an airline website like or an online travel agency website like where you can book your trip.


Please contact travel suppliers directly with any booking-related questions.


 3.     How does using benefit me?


Here are just a few ways in which you benefit from using the search engine:

  • We simplify travel search. Rather than search travel website individually, we save you time and money by searching multiple website simultaneously for the best prices.
  • We provide valuable information. For example, is the only travel search engine that automatically searches and displays fares from all cabins so you won’t miss out on a hot fare in any cabin. Our unique “Why Me?” buttons inform you about amenities available on a specific airline or flight.
  • Leverage our travel search expertise for free and keep all the perks. After finding your desired trip on, we take you directly to a travel seller’s website to book. This way, you can take advantage of our travel search expertise along with all the customer service and membership reward benefits the travel seller offers.

4.     Where does get its fare information?


To provide you with accurate information, we search multiple data sources, including airline website .  In many cases, we connect directly to the databases and global distribution systems that power airline and online travel agency website .


 5.     Is searching on your website free?


Yes, searching on is completely free.  We make money based on advertising fees we collect, similar to other Internet media companies.


 6.     What’s the best way to search using


Searching on is easy.  Start by entering your departure and destination cities, travel dates, and other preferences on the homepage.  Remember: the lowest fares are sometimes offered by airlines flying into airports nearby your preferred airports, so check the “include nearby airports” boxes if they are an option for you.  Leave the “prefer nonstop” box unchecked to see flights that range from nonstop to 1-2+ stops, which may be cheaper than nonstop flights.


Check the boxes in the “Compare Sites” section to compare pricing offered by online travel agencies.  New browser windows will open to make comparing prices easier.


Once the search is complete, you will see our Summary View with the best prices from every airline with flights that meet the search preferences you entered on our homepage. From here, click on the List and Matrix tabs to see results from all airlines, or click on a link in the Summary view to see results from one particular airline.


At any time, you can refine your search results to find your desired flights by using the filters on the left.  Click on the icon for additional information on how to best use a filter.


 7.     I found the flight that I want.  How do I book?


Simply click on a link for a travel seller that is provided with the search result.  You will leave the Web site and be taken directly to the travel seller’s website , where you can find more information or book your trip. 


 8.     Why do I sometimes need to re-enter my search information on an airline’s website? 


We are constantly working to improve your search experience.  This includes developing the capability to take you from a search result to an airline’s search results or booking page—for every airline.


When you are shown a message that says that you must re-enter your search information, this means that we have not yet developed the capability to take you directly to an airline’s search results or booking page.  We are tirelessly working to develop such capabilities, and we appreciate your patience.


 9.     I selected a premium economy, business, or first class result on, but I was taken to a page on the airline’s website that displayed fares in economy.  Why?


While searches for economy, premium economy, business and first class results simultaneously so that you won’t miss out on a hot fare in any cabin or need to search each cabin separately, we are not always able to take you to an airline website page with premium fares displayed.  We are aggressively working to resolve this issue, and hope to be able to delete this FAQ soon!


 10.  I need help with a new or existing reservation.  Who should I contact?


Please contact the airline or online travel agency with which you booked—or are trying to book—your trip.  For contact information of airlines and online travel agencies that appear frequently on, please click here.


 12.  How can I submit feedback to


Please complete our contact form. We read and appreciate all feedback, but due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to respond individually.


 13.  What’s on the horizon for


Visit frequently, as we will be adding new features and functionality continually to make flight search a better experience.  We also plan on expanding beyond flight search with hotel search, rental car search, cruise search and more in the near future!