August 2012

Tel Aviv Beach

El Al to Honor Cheap Tickets Purchased on Monday

El Al has finally made it official that they will honor all the amazing fares ticketed on Monday to Tel Aviv. By now, news has spread that a mistake by a third-party contractor (at least according to El Al) improperly filed fares Monday morning, leading to savvy travelers snatching up [...]

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Unadvertised Fares on

As a follow-up to the crazy NYC-Tel Aviv, Israel flight deal featured on Monday, we’d like to explain the nature of unadvertised fares that sometimes miraculously appear in the market. Here at, we take pride in promoting the best fares in the market, and typically that means advertised fare [...]

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Top Flight Deals for August 8: Last Chance for Summer Edition

Missed out on nabbing an Israel flight for 75% less than regular pricing? No worries because there are a ton of domestic sales in the market. These flights are only available for a limited time, not a few hours like the Israel fare, but they must be booked by Thursday.

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Top 10 Travel Destinations for Labor Day & Deals to Get You There

This morning, we issued a press release announcing the most searched destinations for the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

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Top Flight Deals for August 1: NYC, Cabo & Cancun

The story this week is quite simple, flights to New York City, Cancun and Cabo are all on sale. Take a break from watching swimming, gymnastics or badminton to check out our hand-chosen flight deals this week.

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