July 2019

JetBlue Flight Deals

It’s a Deal at JetBlue Airlines!

Travelling’s always great, particularly when it is cheap. With the JetBlue flash sale, you can look to spend your long fall weekends away from home, without spending a bomb. With flights starting at fares as low as $39 one-way (like Orlando to Atlanta), this is one of those JetBlue deals [...]

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20 of the Most Famous Women Aviators in the World

In the past, people perceived aviation as a vocation fit only for men. Despite this, many women aviators went on to make their mark in the field. Their fascinating stories and forays in the aerial realm continue to inspire and awe. Here are the 20 of the greatest women trailblazers [...]

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Ten of the Most Amazing Airplanes Ads in the World

Airplane ads inspire you to travel and explore the world. They can be anywhere – in your newspaper, a prelude to a YouTube video, on billboards, and so on. But some advertisements stand out – for their creativity, in the way they warm your heart, or perhaps compel you to [...]

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The Future of Flying – Ten Ways in Which Air Travel is set to Change in the Next Decade

Walk into any airport in the world today and the milling crowds of passengers are a testament to the unprecedented popularity of air travel. Today, when the remotest corners of the world are getting connected, the future of flying looks brighter than ever before. Whether you’re a jet-setting businessman for [...]

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Trends in Flight Attendant Costumes – Then and Now

The joy of flying has evolved over the years and in that time the costumes of flight attendants on commercial flights have been subjected to constant change. Through the years, any flight attendant costume has reflected the values of an airline, the sartorial culture of its place of origin, and [...]

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Eco-Friendly Airlines Flights Booking

Responsible High-Flyers: The Top Six Eco-Friendly Airlines

While airlines today are constantly upgrading their fleets to improve their routes, times, ticket prices, and in-flight services, one area that is often overlooked is their continuous emphasis on sustainable travel. Flight operators around the world have been adopting a slew of measures to reduce the impact of air travel [...]

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Rabat - Where East Meets West

Rabat – Where East Meets West

The capital city of Rabat in Morocco is a land of many stories. Bearing influences from the Orient and the Occident, Rabat presents a confluence of cultures. First to arrive were the Phoenicians, followed by the Romans, and the Berbers – each bringing with them a unique strain of tradition [...]

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