10 Ways Fly.com Makes Finding the Best Flights Easier and Faster

We here at Fly.com know how time-consuming finding the best fares can be, and we created Fly.com precisely to make finding the best flight options easier and faster. Here are just several ways in which Fly.com saves you time and hassle in finding flights that are right for you:

  • Fly.com searches hundreds of travel websites for the best fares at one time, so you don’t have to search these websites individually. In fact, Fly.com searches more airfare provider websites, including all of top online travel agencies in the U.S., than any other U.S. travel website.

Fly.com Comparison

Multiple Providers


  • All results include taxes and mandatory fees.  All fares shown on Fly.com include taxes and mandatory fees, making apples-to-apples comparisons easier.

Fly.com Baggage Fee Icon


  • We automatically search for flights from nearby airports, and if there are cheaper options, we calculate and show you the savings.
    Save Using Nearby Airports


  • Fly.com displays vacation package options that can save you money next to your flight search results.  We find and display vacation packages that are available over your specific travel dates so that you can make a more informed decision as to whether you’d rather buy airfare alone or buy a flights + hotel together as a package.

Vacation Packages on Fly.com

 For $1 more per person, users can buy a flights + hotels package that includes a 3-night stay.

  • Find best prices over a wide travel period with Fly.com’s Low Fare Calendars.  Fly.com has fare calendars for over 1,000 top routes.  When you see a Fare Calendar tab, you can click to see the best fares available for a wide period, usually the next 90 days.  Unlike the fare calendars from our competitors that only use data from searches conducted by their users, Fly.com calls our data suppliers at least once a day to show the latest pricing.

Fly.com Low Fare Calendar


  • Our filters and sort capabilities enable you to quickly find the best flight for you.  Need to depart before 9 AM?  You can use our Flight Times filter.  Only want to see flights for a certain airline alliance?  You can click on Star Alliance, OneWorld, or SkyTeam to only see flights belonging to that alliance.  Hate flying through Chicago?  You can remove search results with layovers in Chicago.  Want to stop in Chicago to see Grandma Jane? You can choose to see itineraries that specifically top in Chicago.



  • Our All Airlines tab provides a summary of the best economy and premium fares available from each airline that serves the route you’ve searched, and highlights product and service offerings from various airlines (such as whether they have inflight Internet, DIRECTV (R), enabling you to compare flight options all on one page.

All Airlines Tab


  • Using Fly.com is completely free. When you found the itinerary you want to book, we take you directly to the airline or travel agency website of your choice. Once you’ve found the itinerary you want to book, Fly.com takes you directly to the airline or travel agency website of your choice to complete the booking. (Fly.com, like Google and Yahoo, is a search engine, and not a travel agency. Fly.com does not handle any bookings.) This way, you can benefit from the airline or travel agency’s customer service, rewards programs, and other

  • Want to see for yourself that we’ve found the best fare? Fly.com offers comparison tools so that you can easily search airline and travel agency websites, to confirm that we’ve found the best fares.

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