We are proud to announce a brand-new feature called Custom Fare Calendars. Like most of our innovative tools, Custom Fare Calendars will make finding the best fares even easier.

For more information, please check out this afternoon’s press release:

“Fly.com, the world’s easiest-to-use airfare search engine, today launched Custom Fare Calendars.  It is the first calendar tool to use real-time data to help travelers view fares on either side of their desired travel dates for any flight route in the world.  This innovation gives travelers the unique advantage of knowing exactly when prices are low, offering those with flexible schedules the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars.

Unlike other calendar offerings that rely on old query data and often limit the number of routes, dates or airlines, Fly.com’s Custom Fare Calendars display fares from real-time queries.  As a result, travelers receive the most up-to-date pricing and availability for flights to and from any destination worldwide.

Fly.com’s Custom Fare Calendars provide a tremendous opportunity for travelers to save on airfare this summer.  During beta testing, users were able to find savings on 74 percent of routes searched.  The average cost savings was 19 percent, with some users finding itineraries that cost nearly half as much when travel occurred within three days of their original search dates.  For example, when searching for a fare from New York to Orlando over the July 4th holiday, July 3-9 itineraries were $130 or 40 percent less than July 2-8 itineraries ($201 vs. $331).

“We’re very excited about Custom Fare Calendars because they can save flexible travelers a small fortune,'” said Warren Chang, vice president and general manager for Fly.com.  “The innovation came about when a friend asked us to find her the most economical dates to fly her in-laws from Ecuador to New York.  We made a custom fare calendar and were able to save her hundreds of dollars.  Today we’re excited to offer this tool for free to other travelers, on any route worldwide.”

To find the best fares and build your own custom fare calendar, please visit www.fly.com/calendars.  Custom Fare Calendars are currently available on the U.S. website of Fly.com.”

How to Create a Custom Fare Calendar

Generating your own custom fare calendar is easy:

1. Visit www.fly.com/calendars (which shows a list of the best flight deals available from the nearest major airport) and scroll to the bottom of the page.

List of Best Fares Available from New York City

List of Best Fares Available from New York City

2. Enter origin and destination cities or airports. Enter approximate departure date and click Go.

Custom Fare Calendar

Custom Fare Calendar

3. Sit back and let Fly.com help you find the best dates to travel.

Generating Custom Fare Calendar

Generating Custom Fare Calendar

The finished product looks something like the screenshot below:

Custom Fare Calendar

Custom Fare Calendar

What bargains have you uncovered using Fly.com’s new Custom Fare Calendars? Send us your best find, and you just never know, maybe it will be featured on Fly.com!

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