Finding the right gift for Dad can sometimes be tricky, and it is easy to fall into the safe zone of just giving a new tie. However, a recent consumer survey from™ reveals that the one thing dads really want on Father’s Day is time with their kids.

Nearly a third of respondents look forward to celebrating Father’s Day with their family, and another 41 percent enjoy either a nice meal or cookout. However, if given the chance, the majority of those surveyed are actually interested in flying somewhere for Father’s Day, and 77 percent want to take their children with them.

Similarly when it comes to giving the gift of travel, dads would like something that the whole family can enjoy. All age groups, except for the over-60s, indicated they would prefer to receive a travel gift that includes their kids – although a few dads ages 31-50 would choose a guy trip with friends.

But not all dads are created equal, and age definitely plays a factor in determining both how to celebrate and what gift to purchase. Dads ages 21 to 30 prefer to receive an art or craft from their child, while those between the age of 31 and 60 prefer a hobby-related gift. In contrast, dads over the age of 60 would appreciate a travel gift. Very few of the survey respondents want to receive an item of clothing on Father’s Day.

The survey questioned 391 fathers within the United States. For other key findings, please refer to the table below.

  Age 21-30 Age 31-40 Age 41-50 Age 51-60 Over 60

Most likely to appreciate a handmade gift from child






Most likely to appreciate an electronic/gadget gift






Most likely to want to spend time with family on Father’s Day






Most likely to want to have a nice meal on Father’s Day






Most interested in traveling for Father’s Day






Least likely to take kids with them for Father’s Day travel






Most likely to choose a family vacation as a Father’s Day travel gift






Least likely to choose romantic getaway as a Father’s Day travel gift






Most interested in a romantic getaway






Most interested in traveling somewhere with friends






Most easy to please




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