The 6 Best Ways to See New York

New York Skyline

Frank Sinatra said it best when he said “I want to be a part of it.” For many of us here at, New York isn’t just another city – it is the place we call home. So what better way to help kick-off our fledgling blog, than a tribute to The Big Apple!

For those of you who have already been to New York, you know that it is easy to end up with a “must-see” list that is a mile long. So here are a few personal (and slightly less obvious) recommendations that will help you see the most of New York in a short amount of time.

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1. Buildings

The Manhattan skyline is synonymous with New York, and taking this in from a bird’s-eye view is a must. From the ground, there are really only two places to choose from — the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center. Although the Empire State Building wins in terms of height, the Rockefeller wins in terms of décor and its 360-degree view from the deck.

2. Helicopter Rides
Late afternoon is prime time to take in the amazing sunset colors and the iconic city skyline. A helicopter ride will take you along the Hudson River and bring you eye-to-eye with the Statue of Liberty, as well as key landmarks including Central Park, Yankee Stadium and Wall Street.

3. Rooftops
Rooftop cocktails are a great way to end a day of sightseeing and enjoy the sunset over New York. And on mild nights, the people-watching can be just as memorable as the city views. The Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts arguably one of the best rooftop bars, with a view overlooking Central Park. There are quite a few to choose from in New York, and on mild nights, the people-watching can be as memorable as the city views.

4. Outdoors
Central Park provides an oasis of tranquility among the imposing skyscrapers. This is a great place to explore and offers stunning photo opportunities with the dramatic contrast between lush green and concrete jungle. You can discover countless art and architectural attractions as well as movie and TV sites on a walking tour. Or rent a bike and bring along a picnic to explore the park at your leisure.

On the West Side, an eco-friendly, architectural and futuristic wonder is The High Line, a park situated on over a mile of old elevated railway line. You can enjoy a stroll along this fusion of garden and railway and pick up a bite along the way.

5. Bridges
For stunning views of Manhattan and the harbor, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to its accompanying park. Converted from industrial land, the space is a triumph for urban redevelopment and sustainability. It’s also a favorite filming location.

6. Boats
Our final recommendation is to get on a boat! These tours circumnavigate Manhattan and allows you to get up close and personal with Lady Liberty while taking in all of the city’s magnificent bridges. This provides ample opportunities for shooting stunning photographs and gives you a great sense of pioneering discovery.

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  1. Jo 2:12 PM on June 6th, 2014 |

    The ticket to the MET includes the Cloister’s also. Pretty good deal for $24.00:)

  2. Darren 2:13 PM on March 14th, 2012 |

    added the metropolitan museum of art to my list! going tomorrow so will throw some suggestions back!

  3. Anonymous 7:08 PM on February 21st, 2012 |

    Great recommendation for a rooftop bar. I will have to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the next NYC trip.