Edinburgh Fringe Festival – World’s Largest Arts Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

53,232 performances of 3,398 shows in 300 venues. These numbers describe the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2017. During the month of August, the population of the capital city doubles! People from all around UK and the world come to watch the amazing performances that the Fringe offers. The festival has just begun for 2018 and continues until August 27th. Before summer ends, treat yourself to one last adventure!

Not to mention, the experience will be truly unparalleled. Fill your day with performance after performance. To put it another way, you could go from watching a young underground comedian joking about Brexit, to watching a troop of actors, who travel year-round, act out the cult classic film, Trainspotting. There is more entertainment than there are hours in the day!

Furthermore, as if over 50,000 performances wasn’t enticing enough to get you to this wonderful city, the incredible sites will be. Walking down the royal mile is truly an unforgettable experience. Stunning structures and cobblestone roads seem as though they were taken directly from a story book.  Take a hike up Arthur’s seat or take some pictures on top of Calton hill and impress all your Instagram followers. As a result, this city will exceed expectations.

Certainly, one could write forever about the experiences to be had here, but this city deserves to be wandered aimlessly, and anyone who visits should do just that. After all, it’s a safe city, so take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

P.S. Take some time to sit back with a pint and watch the almost never-ending sunset. You’ll never forget it.


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