Fly’s 11 Best Burgers in San Francisco

Celebrating National Burger Day, the Fly Team has decided to write up our list of the 11 Best Burgers in San Francisco. These are our favorite burgers you can get in the area. If you’re in San Francisco, or plan to be soon; this list is for you!

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Fly’s 11 Best Burgers in San Francisco:

1. Spruce


Fly’s #1 Burger at Spruce: Spruce Burger
As long as you’re there by 2:00pm, you have to try the Spruce Burger. This English Muffin-topped burger takes the cake for Fly’s best burger in San Francisco.

2. Causwells


Fly’s #1 Burger at Causwells: Americana Burger
A monster burger that never dissappoints.
Photo by S.G. on Yelp

3. Maybeck’s


Fly’s #1 Burger at Maybeck’s: Prime Flannery Beef Burger
Delicious. Perfectly cooked. Herb Aioli.
Photo by: @maybeckssf/Instagram

4. Super Duper Burgers


Fly’s #1 Burger at Super Duper: The Super Burger
A relative bargain, the Super Burger delivers the goods. They even have multiple convenient locations.
Photo by: L.G. on Yelp

5. ABV


Fly’s #1 Burger at ABV: The F*@&!#g Burger
That’s what it’s called, and it really is that good. ABV is truly one of the greats.
Photo by: A.W. on Yelp

6. 4505 Burgers and BBQ


Fly’s #1 Burger at 4505: Best Damn Grass Fed Cheeseburger
When you go to 4505, you gotta get the classic. Order the BDGFC, and make it a double.
Photo by: I.K. on Yelp

7. Black Sands Brewery


Fly’s #1 Burger at Black Sands Brewery: The Black Sands Burger
Best with Bacon and Eggs.
Photo by: P.S. on Yelp

8. Finn Town Tavern


Fly’s #1 Burger at Finn Town Tavern: Finn Town Burger
Double-stacked burger with the best sauce you’ve ever had.
Photo By: J.L. on Yelp

9. Namu Gaji


Fly’s #1 Burger at Namu Gaji: Burger
Namu is owned and operated by three brothers and provides phenomenal meals. Their Burger pushes all the right buttons. Don’t forget to add the egg.
Photo by: L.L. on Yelp

10. Almanac Tap Room


Fly’s #1 Burger at Almanac Taproom: The Almanac Burger
An honorable mention goes to the Double Veggie Burger: a great option for vegetarians.
Photo by: S.L.

11. Garaje


Fly’s #1 Burger at Garaje: Drive-In Double Cheeseburger W/ Grilled Onions
Straight-forward California style burger at its finest. Great beer, great eats.
Photo By: D.H. on Yelp

What did you think of Fly’s 11 Best Burgers in San Francisco?

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