Fly’s 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway

Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway

The new year brings new beginnings, and what better way to start the year than the perfect Spring vacation. To help choose the right vacation, we’ve assembled Fly’s 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway. Booking spring travel now could result in considerable saving due to January’s traditionally low fares.

So which Spring Destination is right for you?

Fly’s 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway:


Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - Caribbean

The clear night’s sky in Barbados


1. Caribbean

Warm temperatures are a normal thing in the Caribbean, yet the islands remain an excellent spring vacation spot for any number of travelers. The culture of each of the Caribbean islands continues to thrive over the years, and is evident in their unique music, food, and celebrations. The Caribbean islands are well known for their reputation as a vacation and resort hotspot, and it’s no wonder why.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - Rome

The Colosseum In Rome


2. Rome

The start of spring marks an excellent time to explore this museum of a city. The beautiful weather makes for a great opportunity to visit the well known Roman Colosseum, a nearly undamaged ancient Roman building that’s served many purposes since it’s construction. Or visit St. Petere’s Basilica, the largest Christian basilica in the world. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a history buff, Rome is also a great place for food from many different countries and cultures.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - Prague

Magical night lights of Prague


3. Prague

Spring does not disappoint in Prague, with its numerous large parks, and very comfortable temperature. Prague is sometimes called the city of spires, with the city itself a museum of architecture and it’s easy to see how it earned that title. With it’s still functional fourteenth century Charles University, and famous astrological clock; there’s plenty to see in Prague this spring.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - Madrid

Lively nights in Madrid


4. Madrid

Madrid is a great city to visit this time of year with its location in central Spain and warm weather. One of Madrid’s main attractions is its huge selection of night activities: bars, clubs, theaters, live music, comic centers, and any kind of entertainment you may be looking for. Another attraction of Madrid is their holiday celebrations, including the upcoming Madrid’s Community Day, on May 2nd.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - Yosemite

The Golden Hour in Yosemite National Park in Calfifornia


5. Yosemite

When one thinks of Spring, they think of nature. Yosemite National Park is a pristine display of the beauty of spring. In addition to the well known geography of Yosemite, are the animals that live on that land. Yosemite is home to hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, as well as birds. Yosemite National park is one of the best places in the world for any nature enthusiast, and fittingly finds a place on our list of Fly’s 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - Amsterdam

The I Amsterdam sign in Amsterdam


6. Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s location makes it a wonderful place to visit this spring due to its proximity to water. Along the beautiful canals of the city are a myriad of shopping centers and museums, including the appropriately named Museum Square, a large collection of museums on many different topics. Amsterdam remains one of the most popular European tourism destinations due to its abundance of historical and cultural landmarks that exist in the city.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - Paris

Musée du Louvre à Paris


7. Paris

With spring coming the weather in Paris is slowly getting warmer, and offers a perfect opportunity for a spring getaway. Paris has a seemingly endless supply of of 5 star restaurants and hotels, as well as the ever-popular Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre. Some of the most interesting things to see in Paris, though, include the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is often used as an example of french architecture, Sacré-Cœur(Bascilla of the Sacred Heart of Paris), a massive catholic church overlooking the city.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway

Sunshine in Palm Springs


8. Palm Springs

Spring is the time of year Palm Springs festivals start to be celebrated, including The Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival, a celebration regarding the large volume of films and television shows that make use of Palm Springs as a setting, and the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum annual Festival. Palm Springs also has a large display of public art, museums, and city parks – all the makings of a great spring getaway.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway

The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California


9. Los Angeles

The changing of seasons makes for a perfect time to take a trip to Los Angeles and see creative capital of the world. With nearly 20% of the industry being creative production, the result is a city with not only hollywood, but the largest concentrations of museums in the world. Los Angeles is a great place to visit for anybody interested in the creative industry.



Fly's 11 Best Destinations for a Spring Getaway - London

Telephone booth in the heart of London


10. London

London is a city with a great deal of history, a great deal of which is on display in the famous British National Museum, a large museum dedicated to human history, with over 8 million works on display. In addition to the museum however, there’s a considerable amount of locations that may be exciting to people looking forward to a spring vacation, such as the Tower of London, a place of great interest to visitors since the 16th century, and countless museums.



Fly's 11 Best Spring Destinations - Berlin


11. Berlin

Berlin is a large city that has a great focus on science and culture, with a very diverse selection of nighttime activities. In the center of Berlin is the Tiergarten, a 500 acre urban park and a very popular place for picnics, exercise, and any form of social gatherings.


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  1. Keith Carreon 12:50 AM on January 30th, 2018 |

    Thanks for sharing this nice list. I’ll never forget the stunning architectures that I saw in Paris especially The Louvre and Eiffel Tower. No wonder Paris is included in this list. The next place that’s on my bucket list is Amsterdam. I will definitely go there after I fix my tourist visa here in the Philippines.