20 Europe Fares that Dropped 20% Since Monday

In what seemed like a carefully orchestrated and synchronized move, major airlines have cut Europe fares by 20% or more for fall travel. Late Tuesday afternoon, Europe flights were nearly $1,000 from top East Coast cities, but by Wednesday morning these fares dropped.

Since then, top airlines serving Europe including Delta, American, Iberia, KLM and British Airways have launched advertised sales. This has caused a chain reaction of other carriers attempting to keep pace with the low prices.

20 Cheap Flights to Europe

After careful analysis of over 50 our most popular Europe searches, we came up with a list of 20 fares that offer some of the best savings right now. Keep in mind, flights to Europe can often top $1,000, so saving $200 or more is nothing to sneeze at.

The average savings was $183 when comparing the average prices on Fly.com on Monday, June 9, to prices found today. A total of 35 of 50 routes (70% of the routes analyzed) offered more than a 20% savings on pricing earlier this week

Click on the route or price to see a Low Fare Calendar showing the best dates to travel. All prices are roundtrip including all taxes:

Route Mon. June 18 Avg. Price Price Found Today on Fly.com % Savings
New York City – Dublin $879 $416 53%
Boston – Dublin $760 $420 45%
Washington, D.C. – Paris $1,346 $807 40%
Chicago – Barcelona $1,113 $712 36%
Dallas – Paris $1,187 $813 32%
New York City – Madrid $961 $656 32%
New York City – Rome $993 $677 32%
San Diego – Barcelona $1,140 $786 31%
New York City – Barcelona $934 $651 30%
San Francisco – Madrid $1,105 $773 30%
Los Angeles – Barcelona $1,095 $768 30%
New York City – Brussels $952 $690 28%
Boston – Rome $1,049 $763 27%
Chicago – Rome $1,029 $752 27%
Chicago – Zurich $1,120 $818 27%
Seattle – Barcelona $1,062 $786 26%
Boston – Paris $997 $738 26%
Miami – Rome $1,079 $803 26%
Los Angeles – London $1,132 $851 25%
Chicago – Madrid $959 $734 23%
San Francisco – London $1,091 $844 23%
Atlanta – London $1,050 $844 20%

Find Europe Flight Deals from Your City

Inside the Coliseum in Rome

Inside the Coliseum in Rome

If you don’t see your hometown airport or the destination of your choice, conduct a quick search on Fly.com. Chances are, you will be getting a great price based on what we’ve seen from other routes today.

Still looking for help? Here are some tips:

  • Remember, Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly. Not a major concern though, as international flights are often priced similarly throughout the week, since there are much fewer weekend trips being taken compared to domestic flights.
  • Longer trips and higher prices mean travelers are even more flexible with their travel dates. For the ultimate flexibility and savings, generate your own custom Fly.com Low Fare Calendar.
  • Did you know most airlines offer one free checked baggage per passenger for international flights? Put the savings toward your airfare or other trip expenses.
  • Let Fly.com tell you about the best fares instead of searching for flights yourself.

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