$218 — New York City to Barbados Nonstop (R/T incl. Tax)

[UPDATE: May 3, 2012, 12:22 p.m. EST] – This fare is now sold out. Looks like American Airlines has increased the price to $347 roundtrip incl. taxes.

Visit Rihanna’s homeland, Barbados, for the incredible low price of just $218 roundtrip, including taxes. Fares to this tropical paradise are usually above $400, but this nonstop flight on American Airlines cuts that nearly in half.

This deal is available daily through June 14 (except May 23-26). If you are looking to travel over Memorial Day Weekend, you can depart on May 22 for an early getaway or May 27 to take advantage of the long weekend.

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What really put this in perspective to me was researching flights from Miami to Barbados, which are priced at $469 right now. Usually, flights to the Caribbean from South Florida are about half the price when compared to New York City and Boston.

Note: These type of fares usually are gone within a few hours, so if you plan to book this, do it ASAP.

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  1. Inqueens26 8:55 PM on May 3rd, 2012 |

    The only reason I knew about it is because my coworker told me. I am signed up for Newsflash but did not get it, not in spam either……

  2. Dvdramos 11:46 AM on May 3rd, 2012 |

    Matt Ring rocks. Knows his deals.