Airfare mistake alert! Jump on this one as quickly as possible to save more than $600 on airfare to Paris this winter.

Fare Details

This fare is available on Aeromexico with a stop in Mexico City. Unfortunately the layovers can be anywhere from 4-7 hours, but for savings like this, it could be worth it. Travel is widely available Jan. 15 – March 14.

The fare is not part of an advertised airline sale and is likely to sell out quickly, so book ASAP! In fact, it’s likely a mistake by Aeromexico, which means it could be gone in just a few minutes.

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Finding the fare on is easy, see screenshots below:

$382 -- Houston to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Search Results

$382 — Houston to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Search Results

$382 -- Houston to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Travelocity Booking Page

$382 — Houston to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Travelocity Booking Page

$383 -- Dallas to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Search Results

$383 — Dallas to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Search Results

$383 -- Dallas to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Travelocity Booking Page

$383 — Dallas to Paris (R/T incl. Tax): Travelocity Booking Page Updates

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  • JV

    Something is amiss here. I jumped on this since yesterday early afternoon( Entered in my CC info ( and cheapoair website says price jumped to like $1060 (or something) asking me if I want to purchase them at the new price. Then searched for more options at that price ( which I found a lot of options(some showing having 2 more seats left). Enter in CC info, and again saying prices are up to $1000 or something. I did this on as many I can go through. Called Cheapoair, and got 2 different responses: Aeromexico has an error in their price and he can get me on a more expensive flight (2 to 3x the cost). Then I’m later told that it takes a while for their site to refresh and show those tickets off their system. I find this all disheartening and misleading.

    • Matt Ring

      Thanks for the feedback JV! Sorry to hear that. I’ve noticed that as well, it seems to take Cheapoair a bit longer than other websites to update their pricing. That’s why I usually try to book these mistake fares on the larger sites like Travelocity, Orbitz or Expedia. Their technology is more responsive, which generally leads to more accurate pricing.

      • JV

        Oh wow! I didn’t know we could do that. So do you think people could have gone to Travelocity, Orbitz or Expedia to get these prices? Do you know anyone who did that with this offer? Thanks Matt

  • becks

    Everything is sold out!!

  • MCoffee

    Is this legit? I called Aeromexico and they don’t see this price.

    • Matt Ring

      These fares were never available directly with the airline, only through online travel agencies like Travelocity and Cheapoair by searching on The fares look to only be available on Cheapoair now, which is usually an indication that the fares are gone, or about to be completely sold out. Usually these mistakes only last a few hours.

  • Aaron Walker

    Anybody tried this yet??? Little skeptical as it’s no longer on Travelocity…

    • JF

      Yes, 8 of us booked today, DFW-CDG.

      • Matt Ring

        Have a great trip! I’m glad you had success booking these. Several friends of colleagues of mine here at booked the fare as well. Amazing deal! Reminds me of when I got a mistake fare to Brussels for $250 from NYC 🙂

    • tu11

      Flying IAH-CDG for $382 .. looking forward to a frigid European vacation in February 🙂

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