$415-$471 — Cleveland to Switzerland & Germany (R/T)

If you have your sights set on Europe this year, here are a couple of deals for you. While multiple airlines have dropped fares to Europe this past week, they are in the mid- to high-$600 range. American Airlines is now offering flights from Cleveland to Zurich and Frankfurt for just $415-$471 roundtrip, including tax, which is a savings of up to $650 on the usual cost!

Travel to Zurich is available September to December, and to Frankfurt is September to March.

Note that some layovers can be over 10 hours long, but there are plenty of options for under 6 hours, so be sure to check before booking.

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Cheap flights from Cleveland to (all flights are roundtrip, including tax):


  • American has a maximum allowance of 1 FREE checked bag.
  • For more baggage information click here.


  • Up to $650 OFF the usual cost

Travel Dates:

  • To Zurich: Sept. 5-Dec. 9
  • To Frankfurt: Sept. 5-March 31

Sample Screenshots:

Cleveland-Zurich: Fly.com Search Results

Cleveland-Zurich, Switzerland: Fly.com Search Results

Cleveland-Zurich: American Airlines Booking Page

Cleveland-Zurich, Switzerland: American Airlines Booking Page

Cleveland-Frankfurt: Fly.com Search Results

Cleveland-Frankfurt, Germany: Fly.com Search Results

Cleveland-Frankfurt: American Airlines Booking Page

Cleveland-Frankfurt, Germany: American Airlines Booking Page

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