5 Fares to Get You Through the Blizzard

I’ve already got cabin fever, and it’s only the second hour of being cooped up because of the blizzard hitting the northeast tonight. To pass the time, I’m daydreaming about my next relaxing, beach vacation. The question at Fly.com is never when, it’s where and how much can I save!?

Best Airfares to Beach Destinations

Here are some of my favorite beach airfares from NYC:

  • $262 — New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico (R/T incl. Tax) – Maybe it’s because Puerto Rico is part of the USA, but it is consistently the cheapest flight to the Caribbean. And it is certainly not because the beaches are sub-par, head to Culebra for one of the most relaxing and picturesque beaches around.
  • $372 — New York City to Grand Cayman (R/T incl. Tax) – This lesser-traveled country (pictured above) is absolutely stunning. The water is the clearest I’ve ever seen with my own eyes and it’s an ideal location to snorkel in search of Nemo (the fish, not the storm).

Not interested in any of the above? Visit our New York City Fare Calendar page for other destinations, including Punta Cana, Cancun, Cabo, Honolulu & more.

Other Northeast Origin Cites

Even though New York is my hometown, I couldn’t leave out other big cities in the area that are also facing the storm. Click on the links below to a see a list of popular destinations from the following major airports:

  • Boston – Flights start at just $269 r/t incl. tax to Puerto Rico and $398 r/t incl. tax to Jamaica.
  • Hartford – Fort Lauderdale and Miami are both under $200 r/t incl. tax.
  • Philadelphia – Fort Lauderdale is just $188 r/t incl. tax and Puerto Rico is $301 r/t incl. tax.

Stay warm, stay safe and never stop dreaming about your next vacation! If you are traveling, make sure to check with your carrier on cancellations and waived change fees.

Featured Image: Kai Beach Jetty, Grand Cayman (Shutterstock.com)

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    Great post Matt, will use one of this for my next trip! Do you have same article for bus trips through USA?