$61 and Up; One Way – Swoop’s Black Friday Sale; Ends 12/03

$61 and Up; One Way - Swoop's Black Friday Sale; Ends 12/03

Ultra low-cost carrier Swoop Airlines just announced its Black Friday Sale at an unbelievable $61. The offer is being run till December 03, so you’ve got to make a dash for it. However, limited seats are on sale according to the airlines, so if your travel plans are ready, you’ll make plenty of savings on your flight tickets. The good news is that the offer is applicable to a number of routes. The reduced fare is for travel between January 07 to March 10 next year. Some of the cities with low fares are Las Vegas, London, Orlando and Tampa among others.

Though one of the most incredible Swoop Airlines deal in recent times, you’ve got to keep in mind that the offer is coming from a budget airline, and your ticket just pays for your seat and only your personal items will be covered by the airline’s baggage policy.

Have a look at some of the routes –

Kelowna to Las Vegas
Edmonton to London, ON
Edmonton to Mazatlan
Edmonton to Los Cabos
Edmonton to Cancun
Edmonton to Puerto Vallarta
Edmonton to Las Vegas
Edmonton to Orlando
Edmonton to Phoenix (Mesa)
Winnipeg to Los Cabos
Winnipeg to Abbotsford
Winnipeg to Tampa
Winnipeg to Hamilton
Winnipeg to Puerto Vallarta
Winnipeg to Phoenix (Mesa)
Winnipeg to Orlando
Winnipeg to Fort Lauderdale
Winnipeg to Las Vegas
London, ON to Edmonton
London, ON to Abbotsford
London, ON to Las Vegas
London, ON to Orlando
London, ON to Cancun
Hamilton to Cancun
Hamilton to Montego Bay
Hamilton to Fort Lauderdale
Hamilton to Tampa
Hamilton to Winnipeg
Hamilton to Orlando
Hamilton to Las Vegas
Abbotsford to London, ON
Abbotsford to Mazatlan
Abbotsford to Puerto Vallarta
Abbotsford to Las Vegas
Abbotsford to Winnipeg


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