$98 — Washington, D.C. to/from Miami Nonstop (R/T)

Nonstop flights between Washington, D.C. and Miami on Frontier Airlines are now just $98 roundtrip, including tax. These fares save more than $50 on the regular cost.

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Note: Frontier Airlines charges for both checked and carry-on bags. Most scenarios are $25-$30, but check our baggage fee chart for more information. Also, Frontier Discount Den email subscribers receive discounts on baggage fees and flights, so it’s worth signing up.


  • More than $50 OFF the usual cost

Travel Dates:

  • September – October

Sample Screenshots:

D.C. to Miami: Fly.com Results

D.C. to Miami: Fly.com Results

D.C. to Miami: Priceline Booking Page

D.C. to Miami: Priceline Booking Page

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