Black Friday and Flight Deals

Black Friday and Flight Deals

The much-awaited holiday season is just around the corner and with it, the opportunity to indulge in some (read: lots of) bargain-friendly holiday shopping. Big box retailers are gearing up to host the Black Friday sale, the biggest sale in the US and the busiest shopping day of the year. Apart from incredible discounts on a wide range of merchandise, this is your chance to bag the cheapest airline fares with Black Friday airline tickets sale. Let’s find out exactly what’s in store for you this Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season when products such as household articles, textiles, electronics, etc. are available on steep discounts. The mega sales see shoppers flock to stores as early as 4 in the morning to grab the best deals!

For the past few years, retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, etc. have been opening their stores on the day of Thanksgiving itself, which is a day before, to rake in profits. So, what’s Black Friday for the general public is also Billion Dollar Friday for the retailers.

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday is one of the three major holidays that fall around the same time with just a difference of a day or two between each – Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. It falls on the day after Thanksgiving to mark the gift-buying season leading up to Christmas. As of this year, Black Friday will be observed throughout the US on the 29th of November.

Why Black Friday is the Ideal Time to Travel

First things first – travelling is fun, liberating, and even enlightening. Besides, the mega sale of Black Friday is not limited to the mall. Several major airlines offer Black Friday cheap flight tickets. Passengers can save up hundreds of dollars on airfares, be it on domestic or international travel. So, why not enjoy exciting discounts this holiday season and travel to an amazing destination with your loved ones?

When is the Best Time to Enjoy Black Friday Plane Ticket Sales?

As per statistics, the ideal month to make the most of Black Friday airline tickets sale is the month of September. But, since September is also the busiest month in the US in terms of air travel, it is recommended that you book your flight tickets 4 to 13 weeks in advance. During this period, statistics show that the 8-week mark is the ideal time for availing Black Friday plane ticket sales.

To narrow it down even further, 7 pm has been found to be the best time to grab Black Friday cheap airline tickets.

Major Airlines Offering Black Friday Cheap Airline Tickets

The following is the list of airlines offering cheap tickets on Black Friday

Top Destinations to Travel to for Black Friday

You can avail cheap air flights on Black Friday to the following top destinations –

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Black Friday Airline Tickets Sale

Here are some tips and tricks to help you save big-time on your Black Friday Fly tickets

  • The most budget-friendly approach when buying flights on Black Friday is to book round-trip flight tickets instead of one-way
  • Stay updated on flight fares by subscribing to OTA alerts and airlines’ newsletters
  • Another trick to enjoy cheap air flights on Black Friday is to book layover or connecting flights instead of direct ones
  • You can also make the most of Black Friday airline tickets sale by redeeming credit card reward points
  • Finally, book your flight tickets only after thorough research and comparison

Set out on a wonderful vacation with your loved ones with Fly. Here, you can browse through and compare the Black Friday flight deals offered by different airlines and choose the one that fits your budget and timetable.

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