Christmas and Flight Deals

Christmas and Flight Deals

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. In a few months, the sweet sound of jingles and a festive spirit will fill the air. Streets and homes will be astir with celebrations and merrymaking as family and friends gather and celebrate the most awaited day of the year. It is also the right time to see the people you love the most. With exciting Christmas flight deals offered by several major airlines, you can go on an affordable trip to be with your loved ones. So, let’s find out how you can make the most of this holiday season.

Best Time to Avail Christmas Flight Deals

Statistics show that the way to enjoy cheap Christmas flights is to book your tickets in the first week of September. Booking your tickets around this time can help you save around 19% on Christmas flights.

Best Dates to Travel

The date you choose to travel will have a lot to do with whether or not you will be making the most of Christmas flight deals. Without a doubt, flying on Christmas Day will be the cheapest since most people steer clear of flying on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Moreover, since Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year, the most popular and the most expensive days to travel would be the preceding Saturday for departure and the following Sunday for return tickets.

As far as last-minute Christmas airline deals are concerned, they are not impossible to find, but they’re still rare given that the Holiday season is the busiest time in the US in terms of air travel. So, it’s always better to book your tickets at the earliest. If you haven’t booked your Christmas flights in September, NOW is the time to do so!

Your Travel Destination Also Matters

If you’re travelling to Europe this Christmas, flight ticket prices are steadily expected to rise as December approaches. So, unless you’re waiting for last-minute Christmas flight deals, now is a good time to book your tickets. Research shows that if you’re travelling to the Southern Hemisphere, the best way to book cheap flights during Christmas is to either book before September or wait till November for some of the best Christmas airfare deals.

Top Domestic Destinations to Travel to this Christmas

You can enjoy cheap flights on Christmas to the following domestic destinations –

Top International Destinations to Travel to this Christmas

Avail cheap Christmas flights to the following top international destinations –

Useful Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Cheap Flights on Christmas

Here are a couple of useful tips and tricks to help you make the most of Christmas flight deals

  • Since flight ticket prices constantly keep fluctuating by the day and sometimes even by the hour, the best way to secure cheap tickets is to set alerts so you can be notified when the price of a particular flight drops
  • Another way to secure cheap flights during Christmas is to book Basic Economy which is by far the most budget-friendly option. The lower fare might be worth the sacrifice of baggage and seat preference
  • Another trick to booking cheap flights on Christmas is to book tickets for nearby destinations. For example – if you’re going to Washington D.C, book tickets for Baltimore
  • To save up on airfare this Christmas, opt for booking round-trip flight tickets instead of one-way
  • Travelling via layover or connecting flights instead of direct ones will help you save more on flight tickets.

Looking for cheap Christmas flights? Book your tickets with Fly. By simply browsing through our list and comparing Christmas deals offered by different airlines, you can choose the best ones for your holiday travel.

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