Study Reveals Domestic Flights are Hot, Europe is Not!

Yesterday was the first official day of spring. So we thought it would be cool to take a look at the most popular travel destinations searched on between February 12 and March 12 and compare them to last year’s top routes. And the data didn’t disappoint.

Here is a breakdown of our key findings for travelers flying out of New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston:

1.    Interest in European destinations has considerably diminished due to rising airfare prices for international routes, which are up as much as 70% to cities such as London and Barcelona.
2.    Domestic destinations are in vogue, thanks to savings of more than 40%.
3.    There is a clear preference for destinations closer to home, with most of the top 5 routes searched involving destinations that are less than a four-hour flight away.
4.    Western cities, like those in California and Nevada have jumped in popularity this year.
5.    Travelers are getting huge airfare discounts thanks to increased airline competition and new routes from low cost carriers like Spirit Airlines.

New York City:






San Francisco:












Los Angeles:













To see the entire survey results and analysis, check out our press release. And to find the best airfares for your own spring and summer travel, visit


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