Half Off Popular Routes Over Memorial Day from Frontier, AirTran & More

Not sure what has gotten into the airlines today, but they are dropping fares left and right. Perhaps it was a quiet holiday weekend with few bookings or maybe carriers want to be top of mind when travelers look to spend their tax refund checks. Whatever the reason may be, top airlines including AirTran and Frontier have cut prices in half on many popular routes.

What is most surprising is that many of these cheap flights are available over Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t let these great deals pass you by. In any future sales from the airlines, Fly.com fare experts expect these holiday fares to jump significantly in price.

Tip: Most of the flight deals we publish are available in both directions. Make sure to swap the origin and destination when searching.

Memorial Day Deals

Holiday flight deals are extremely hard to come by, usually these fares command a hefty premium or can even be double, triple or more in price. Any of our readers who traveled over Thanksgiving or Christmas recall the extremely high prices over those dates.

Most of the flight deals from Atlanta that we sent out earlier today (via Travelzoo Newsflash — if you haven’t subscribed yet, sign up to get great travel deals from Fly.com and other top travel/entertainment companies) are available over Memorial Day weekend. Some of our favorites include:

$98 — Atlanta to Orlando Nonstop (Roundtrip incl. tax)

$188 — Atlanta to Chicago Nonstop (Roundtrip incl. tax)

Remember, these deals are part of AirTran’s 24-hour sale. These must be booked by midnight tonight.

Other Cheap Flights

There are some other great deals out there and though not available over Memorial Day, they are definitely worth a mention:

$96 — Milwaukee to New York City Nonstop (Roundtrip incl. tax) – Dates are somewhat limited, but at this price it’s worth being flexible. This route is regularly $200+ roundtrip!

$96 — Milwaukee to Denver Nonstop (Roundtrip incl. tax) – Again, the dates are limited, but can’t pass it up for 50% off regular prices.

$138 — Denver to Las Vegas Nonstop (Roundtrip incl. tax) – We were excited about a month ago when this fare hit $162, but it just keeps creeping lower and lower. Other Denver fares are looking good as well, including Chicago, LA and San Diego.

$194 — New York City to Puerto Rico Nonstop (Roundtrip incl. tax) – Published this on Friday, but for anyone who missed the deal, it is still available.

$272 — Chicago to Puerto Rico (Roundtrip incl. tax) – Another great deal to Puerto Rico!

More Flight Deals from Fly.com

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Until next time, happy travels and stay tuned for more cheap flights!

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