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We’ve all had an unforeseen situation come up that requires us to quickly take a flight to another city or country. Or maybe as a spontaneous traveler, last-minute flights are the norm for you. Either way, booking cheap last-minute flights can be a struggle, especially if you’re looking at the wrong places. So how should you go about finding some great last-minute flight deals? Read on.

What is Last-Minute Travel?

When you plan to travel suddenly and your travel date is within the next couple of days, it is known as last-minute travel. Speaking in terms of flight tickets, last-minute travel applies to tickets that are booked around two weeks before the travel date. There are many who enjoy spontaneous trips and often make last-minute flight bookings. Then, there are others who need to travel on short notice due to an emergency.

Though the rules regarding last-minute flight tickets vary from airline to airline, the general rule of thumb followed for securing a seat is to book at least two hours before the scheduled departure of a flight.

Do Airlines Really Offer Discounts on Last-Minute Flight Tickets?

Well, in short, the answer is yes. However, this largely depends on the availability of seats. Airlines do offer last-minute airfare deals or cheap last-minute flights to fill the seats of travelers who cancel their tickets a few days before the flight. Hence, discounts on last-minute bookings are solely dependent on the availability of seats.

Major Airlines Offering Last-Minute Flight Deals

With the following airlines, you can find extremely cheap last minute flights:

Tips and Tricks to Find Cheap Last-Minute Flight Tickets

The following are some tips and tricks to save big on last-minute flights

  • Red-Eye Flights

If you can deal with sleep disruption for a night, you can grab cheap last-minute airfares with greater ease. More often than not, red-eye or night-time flights are cheaper as compared to daytime ones.

  • Air Miles

Looking for an easy way to get last-minute flights to anywhere? Redeem your airline miles. Your air miles are a good way to allow your bank balance to breathe easy while booking last-minute airline tickets.

  • Flexibility

Another great yet underrated way of saving big on last-minute flights is to be flexible with your location, given that you cannot be flexible with your travel dates. Search for flight fares at alternate airports and you will be surprised to find extremely cheap last-minute flights.

  • Price Alerts

To grab cheap last-minute flights, sign up for price alerts. This way, you will be notified each time there is a price drop or deal coming up and will not miss out on any opportunity of grabbing the best last-minute flight deals.

  • Low-Cost Airlines

This one seems pretty obvious. If you wish to travel affordably, be it last-minute plane tickets or otherwise, the best way to do so is to choose low-cost airlines. This option is subject to the condition that you’re willing to compromise on leg room and baggage allowance.

Looking for last-minute airline deals? Head to Browse and compare the last-minute flight deals offered by different airlines and grab the cheapest last-minute flight tickets that you can find.

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