New Year and Flight Deals

New Year and Flight Deals

New Year’s Eve is an eagerly awaited day for many to visit family and friends and usher in the New Year amidst fun and frolic. Planning to fill in the pages of the first chapter of the year with a memorable trip to an amazing destination? With airlines opening the floodgates of incredible New Year flight deals, there’s just no excuse to miss this opportunity. Let’s find out all about cheap flights for New Year’s.

Why Are New Year’s Flight Tickets So Expensive?

Flights around New Year tend to be expensive due to the simple law of demand and supply. Since it’s a time when most people tend to travel, airlines shoot prices due to a limited number of seats. The three weeks from the time of Christmas until a little after New Year’s, is the most expensive time to travel (roughly December 17 – January 7).

So, if you need to travel around this time, you need to make the most of New Year’s Eve flight deals.

Best Time to Make the Most of New Year Flight Deals

According to statistics, the ideal time to book cheap flights for New Year’s Eve is the month of November. It is recommended that you book your New Year’s Eve flights at least 4-13 weeks in advance to enjoy cheap airfare.

It is important to remember that flight ticket prices speedily increase as New Year’s Eve approaches. Hence, expecting affordable last-minute New Year’s flights may prove to be a matter of luck. It is always wise to book in advance.

Your Travel Destination Also Matters

Besides the time of booking, your destination will also determine whether you will be able to grab cheap flights for New Year’s Eve. The formula for this is straightforward – the smaller the destination and departure markets, the higher the price you will have to pay. For example, booking round-trip tickets to Europe from New York City or Los Angeles will cost you less than travelling to the same from a smaller market, say Princeton or Milton.

Major Airlines Offering New Year Flight Deals

Some major airlines offering cheap flights for New Year’s from the US are:

Tips and Tricks to Bag Cheap New Year Flights

A couple of useful tips and tricks to help you find cheap flights over New Year’s Eve

  • Keep your options open. Do your research and stay aware of fares at alternate airports. For example, there’s a good chance that a trip from Philadelphia to Amsterdam is cheaper when you take two itineraries via a bus or train from Philadelphia to New York City and then from NYC to Amsterdam via a flight, instead of a direct flight trip from Philadelphia
  • Another way to avail cheap New Year’s Day flights is to book round-trip tickets instead of one-way tickets
  • Another way to get cheap flights around New Year’s is to book in layover or connecting flights as opposed to direct ones
  • Finally, be flexible with your travel dates, do your research about flight fares for alternate days and subscribe to airlines and OTA alerts so that you don’t miss a deal.

To book cheap flights during New Year’s, head to Simply compare New Year flight deals offered by different airlines and choose the best one in minutes!

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