Southwest 3-Day Fare Sale Between 90+ Cities

Hurry and grab a cheap flight because you only have a couple days to book on this Southwest 3-Day Fare Sale from Southwest Airlines. Travel to/from every destination they fly with fares starting at just $49 each way.


Sample fares include:

Atlanta – Boston…. $58

Baltimore – Cincinnati… $49

Burbank – San Francisco… $57

Chicago – New York/Newark… $64

Dallas – Los Angeles… $94

Denver – Las Vegas… $94

Ft. Lauderdale – Nassau… $69

Seattle – Las Vegas… $83

Oakland – San Diego… $65

Portland – San Jose… $63

And more…


These fares are valid for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday travel through December 13.

Book by August 31 to save.

Click here to search for Southwest flights on

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