Today’s Top Flight Deals for April 25: Orlando & 3 Flights for Under $130

Back again with another list of the top flight deals for this week. The sales from the major carriers were pretty uninspiring this week, but our Fare Experts scoured looking for the best unadvertised fares. We ended up finding some cheap flights to top destinations including Orlando.

Unadvertised Fares vs. Advertised Flight Sales

Unadvertised fares can be tricky because the airlines do not promote them in any of their sales or other marketing channels. Usually, advertised flight sales include a specific travel window, price and end date/booking window in accordance with DOT regulations. However, unadvertised fares can fluctuate at any time without warning. That is why we always encourage our readers to book ASAP when the fare is unadvertised.

Cheap Flights to Orlando

Head to Orlando before school lets out in June to avoid the crowds, hotter summer temperatures and more expensive airfare. As the Orlando Sentinel pointed out earlier this month, airfare into Orlando this summer is up substantially compared to last summer. For this reason, book a trip in May or June to get the most for your money on airfare. Since the article was published, however, things have changed. We noticed that as the summer approaches fares have been slowly dropping, as airlines typically offer flight sales for 2-3 months in advance at a maximum. Looks like in most cases summer fares are only $10-$30 more.

These fares save up to $150 on regular prices, availability varies by destination. Use the Low Fare Calendar links below to find the best dates to travel:

Other Domestic Flight Deals

Here are some more of our favorite flight deals this week:

Note: Just a reminder, all of the above deals are usually available in the opposite direction, so be sure to search.

Can’t Get Enough Flight Deals?

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