Today’s Top Flight Deals for July 25: Aloha and Cheerio

This week marks a shift in the trends we’ve been seeing all summer long: shorter domestic flights are no longer the best bargain. Now, top destinations like Hawaii and Europe are starting to become more affordable.

Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Hawaii is notorious for being one of the most beautiful, and most expensive, vacation destinations on the planet. That’s why we took notice when prices started to fall from cities across the U.S.

Flights into Honolulu, Hawaii’s main international airport, are about $250 less than what was available several weeks ago for travel through November.

Click on the Low Fare Calendar Links below to find the best dates to travel:

Post-Olympic Flights to London

With the Olympics just days away, our experts uncovered hot fares for travel after the games end. These deals are up to $300 off regular summer prices:

More Fares on Sale

Here are some other hand-selected fares found by our experts this week:

Note: All of the above deals are available in the opposite direction, so make sure to search. Updates

Here are a few ways to stay updated on the latest deals:

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