Today’s Top Flight Deals for May 24: Travel in Fall to Save Hundreds

The fare trends that emerged last week have continued with airlines continuing to focus on discounted last minute and fall fares. This made finding the top flight deals tougher, since generally we try to focus on the next few months instead of 5-6 months down the road. From the looks of it, airlines have been successful in filling seats over the summer, so they have shifted their focus towards the fall (or last minute travel).

Last Minute Flights

These fares are available for travel through mid-June (though it’s likely too late already for Memorial Day travel):

Get a Jump on Fall Fares

Earlybird gets the worm, right? These flights are available September through October, November or December:

Summer Deals Do Exist

Despite the trends, we did come across a few stellar summer flights:

Note: All of the above deals are available in the opposite direction, so make sure to search.

Stay in the Know

Keep tabs on the latest flight deals:

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