The symbolic end of summer hits this weekend. After Labor Day, the country will cool down, leading many travelers to seek warmer weather. What better place than South Florida to hold onto those last strands of summer just a few weeks longer?

Cheap Flights to South Florida

If my late 90s Will Smith reference is not enough for you, how about great temperatures year-round, exciting nightlife and pristine beaches? With major carriers seeing load factors decreasing in September (post-Labor Day), prices have plummeted for fall travel.

Availability varies by route, but most are available September – December. The best pricing in most cases is in mid-September.

Click on the Low Fare Calendar Links below to find the best dates to travel to Fort Lauderdale (Roundtrip, including taxes):

Click on the Low Fare Calendar Links below to find the best dates to travel to Miami (Roundtrip, including taxes):

Other Airfare Deals

Our experts uncovered a ton of solid deals this week outside of travel to South Florida. Here is a compilation of our favorites to destinations in the United States and around the world.

Click on the Low Fare Calendar Links below for more information about these flights:

Note: All of the above deals are available in the opposite direction, so be sure to search.

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