Top Flight Deals for August 8: Last Chance for Summer Edition

Missed out on nabbing an Israel flight for 75% less than regular pricing? No worries because there are a ton of domestic sales in the market. These flights are only available for a limited time, not a few hours like the Israel fare, but they must be booked by Thursday.

Nationwide Flights on Sale

Summer is starting to wind down and, with Labor Day looming, it’s a great time to snatch up deals for that one last summer jaunt.

These sales from major carriers, including AirTran, Virgin America, Frontier and JetBlue feature almost all of their gateways. That makes for a lot of choices for travelers, but also prevents us from listing them all. Instead, we just had our experts pick out a few of the best values.

Click on the Low Fare Calendar Links below to find the best dates to travel:

Hawaii Fares Drop Even Lower

A few weeks ago, our experts detected some downward momentum in Hawaii pricing after months of inactivity. Those price drops have snowballed and now Honolulu airfare is quite affordable this fall.

Click on the Low Fare Calendar Links below to find the best dates to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii from:

Note: All of the above deals are available in the opposite direction, so make sure to search. Updates

Here are a few ways to stay updated on the latest deals:

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