Top Flights Deals for May 22: Fall Here, Fall There, Fall Everywhere Edition

We are just half way through Spring, and it may seem premature to start making travel plans for fall or winter travel. But, as the old adage goes, the early bird gets the worm. In this case, the worm is the money you would save with these great deals our experts found this week! These fares represent a savings of up to $200 off typical roundtrip prices, with the exception of the Johannesburg fares, which is a savings of up to $600 off regular roundtrip prices.

Cheap Fall Flights

These fares are not part of an airline sale and may disappear at any time, so book ASAP!

Availability varies by route, with many of them being nonstop flights. Click on the Fare Calendar Links below to find the best dates to travel from September to December, unless otherwise noted (all prices are roundtrip, including taxes):

Other Hot Summer Deals

For the procrastinators (and who is not one from time to time?) who have not made summer travel plans yet, here are some hot fares to motivate you.

Click on the Fare Calendar links below to find the best dates to travel through August (all prices roundtrip, including taxes): News and Updates

For the latest information:

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