Unadvertised Fares on Fly.com

As a follow-up to the crazy NYC-Tel Aviv, Israel flight deal featured on Monday, we’d like to explain the nature of unadvertised fares that sometimes miraculously appear in the market. Here at Fly.com, we take pride in promoting the best fares in the market, and typically that means advertised fare sales by major carriers like Virgin America, JetBlue and AirTran. In fact, we featured a round-up of the best sale fares available this week in the Travelzoo Top 20, launched on Wednesday. Sometimes though, the real gems are quick unadvertised fares that can fly under the radar.

What is an Unadvertised Sale?

There’s a handful of reasons why airlines might discount a route out of nowhere. Routes might be light on passengers for a period, or it could even be a mistake. What we do know is that the best fares never last long. While advertised fare sales normally have a defined end-date, unadvertised specials sometimes only last a few hours. The NYC-Tel Aviv, Israel deal featured on Monday is a prime example. Those who acted fast were able to benefit from the amazing fare, while others who procrastinated ended up missing out.

Here are a few examples of great unadvertised fares we’ve featured on Fly.com in 2012 (all fares listed are roundtrip, including taxes):

Tips for Booking

Since these deals are so time-sensitive, it’s important to have your potential travel companions on speed-dial for when you hear about an amazing fare. Also, remember that most airlines allow you to hold an itinerary for 24 hours with the option to cancel at any time within that window. This can allow for valuable time to mull over an opportunity.

Let Fly.com Tell You About the Best Deals

Here are the best ways to make sure you’re in the loop next time a great deal pops up from your home airport:

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