6 Tips to Help You Find the Cheapest Flight to Paris

Famous for being boldly romantic, its café culture, love for art and fashion, and of course the enchanting Eiffel Tower and Louvre, Paris is undoubtedly on the bucket-list of every travel enthusiast. Though the picture-perfect landscapes and culture are sure to enamor all-year-round, bagging affordable flight tickets can be a challenge.

But lose no hope. We’ve put together some time-tested tips for visiting the ‘City of Light and Love’ without burning a hole in your pocket.

Opt for a Low-Cost French Carrier

To get cheap flights to Paris, fly via low-cost French carriers. Airlines such as the FrenchBee are not only budget-friendly but even offer direct flights from New York to Paris for fares as low as $139! But, as is true for any ‘no-frills’ airline company out there, be prepared to not have any extra services – complimentary meals, free Wi-Fi and entertainment, and free checked baggage.

Fly Off-Season

While you may know of the link between flying off-season and bagging cheaper flight tickets, keep the difference between the American and Parisian off-season in mind. American school and work cycles are structured in such a way that vacations fall majorly during the summer and the holiday season – this peak season translates into higher airfares. Moreover, as students throughout Europe get holidays mainly during Easter (April), inter-European flight fares tend to rise around this time. The best time to fly to the ‘City of Love’ would be from April to June and October to early November.

Your Airport Choices Count

Paris has three air terminals that are open to the public. The primary two – Charles de Gaulle Airport located in the north of the city and the Orly International Airport located in the south. The Orly International Airport serves a more significant part of the passengers arriving from other countries as it is well-connected with the heart of the city.

The third smaller airport – Beauvais International Airport – is located 90 km north of the city. As a result, you will have to book a cab or public transport modes such as trains or buses to arrive at the focal point of Paris.

Start Early

When you have decided to travel to Paris, why wait! Lose no time in booking your tickets as the early bird does get the worm. In general, flights to Paris are cheapest when booked 15 weeks in advance of the journey date (four months). Moreover, ticket prices fluctuate both by day and hour. So, book your tickets during days and times when other people are less likely to be connected to the internet. For example – Flight ticket prices usually peak during weekends as people tend to relax and take their time while booking tickets and airlines take advantage of this. So, book your flights on any of the weekdays. The wee hours (1 am – 3 am) are also a great time to book your tickets owing to less online traffic.

Keep Yourself Anonymous

Websites are sneaky and smart. Once you visit the same flight booking website for two or more times, the system perceives your motives, stores your cookies and server details. This is the reason why you get higher airfares after a few days in an attempt to make you panic-buy. The best way to keep this problem at bay is to run your browser in the Incognito mode so that your online activities are not registered. If you must use the normal mode, be sure to clear your cookies or browse via a different computer.

Book Two One-Way or Open-Jaw Tickets

Now, you most likely will not be visiting only Paris but a couple of other European hot spots. If yes, you may not be able to beat the system, but you can certainly trick it. How? By booking one-way tickets! For example – if your Europe trip starts with Lisbon and continues through Paris, finally ending in, you can book a one-way ticket from the US to Paris and again a one-way back from Berlin to the US. This way, you will not only find cheaper airfares but also save time that could otherwise be wasted in returning to Lisbon had you booked a round trip. Moreover, you should also try booking open-jaw tickets that let you fly into one destination and then fly back from a different destination.

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