Avoiding Rip-Offs/Frauds during Travel

All set to jump into the holiday waters? But, what if it’s shark-infested? Vacations are good things but when they come with rip-offs and money-wasters, they become a no-go. However, being a little cautious can help you avoid travel frauds. So, in this blog, we discuss some of the common travel rip-offs and tips to keep them at bay so that you do not need another holiday to recover from their trauma.

Tourist Packages


Ever been tempted by the message, “Hurray! You’ve won a free trip to so and so place!”? If yes, you know the most typical scam that there is. Never fall for such messages and their packages.

Moreover, it even happens that tourists book a package only to find hidden charges involved or the travel or accommodation not being covered by the tour provider. In worst-case scenarios, travelers get tricked only to discover that their holiday company has vanished into thin air.

This is the reason why it’s advisable to avoid opting for a tourist package without having gone through its reviews.

Airport Victuals

The food and water sold at airports are always overpriced. In addition, the food tastes bad, is barely nutritious and purchased solely to kill time.

As a result, hungry and parched passengers end up paying two to three, sometimes even five times more than the usual price for a nibble of food and beverage – any frugal person’s nightmare. The tour packages are already expensive enough, spending on tasteless and unhealthy only adds to your expenses. A wise thing to do would be to have a filling, wholesome meal before arriving at the airport. You can also carry some healthy snacks for your flight, especially if it’s a long-haul one that does not include complimentary meals.

Baggage Fees

Ignorant travelers almost always get riled by excess baggage fees. This can be a total mood spoiler and give an ugly start to your dream vacation. The foremost important thing to learn is to pack light. This includes not just the stuff you carry but even the type of bags or suitcases in which you pack your belongings. Older suitcases are often bulkier, which adds to your baggage weight. Opting for lightweight, smart travel strollers can help you save on the baggage fees.

A smart move is to invest in a portable weight checker to beat the baggage fee system. Weighing as you pack will help you remove those extra layers or even out your loads in a separate bag. If you do need to carry some extra weight, pay for it online instead of the boarding gate. Airlines offer as high as 50% discounts on excess luggage paid online in advance than at the last minute.

Currency Exchange

When you are traveling abroad, make sure you are prepared for everything including currency exchange. As the airport is the first place all travelers go to in a new country, not being prepared comes at a huge cost. However, a smart move that you can make to avoid paying extra is by getting it exchanged from a local bank or an in-airport bank or ATM. Not only do airports give a currency exchange rate that is 7 to 15% higher than the standard bank rate but also charges transaction fees that could be anywhere between $5 to $15.

The best way to steer clear of poor currency exchange rates is to get foreign currency in advance from a local bank or even an in-airport bank or ATM.


Most passengers who get to the airport via their vehicle know what a financial pinch parking costs can be – nearly three times as much as standard parking rates. One way to avoid such high parking costs is to take public transport and on-demand ride services. Another way to go about this would be to ask a family member or a friend to give a ride to and from the airport. But, if you must take your vehicle, it is advisable to opt for pre-booked halting spots and off-airport parking garages as these are an affordable option.

Travel rip-offs can burn a hole in your pockets. With a little awareness and planning, you can dive deep into the holiday waters with no money-wasting sharks infesting its purity. Following the smart moves mentioned above can save you from these losses.

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