Best International Airlines for In-Flight Meals

It’s been 100 years of in-flight meals since the first service on the London-Paris route of Handley Page transport in 1919. Airline meals, since then, have come a long way. Research has shown that we lose about 20-30 percent of our sense of taste at higher altitudes owing to the pressure and noise, thus making it even trickier for airlines to cater to our gustatory demands! Nonetheless, air carriers are constantly vying with one another for setting higher and higher standards of culinary excellence. Read on for our list of six best international airlines for in-flight meals:


Emirates In-Flight Meals

In the world of aviation, luxury is synonymous with Emirates airlines. True to its name, the airline spares no expense when it comes to dining. Emirates elevates the in-flight experience with their regionally inspired menus, presented with silverware, on Economy flights. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling Business or First Class, be prepared for an elaborate seven-course meal served in fine bone china, inside the privacy of your suite. Aboard the A380 aircraft, Premium passengers are also treated to the lounge – at the back of the plane – where one can indulge in delectable canapes such as smoked fish, and an assortment of cheese.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines In-Flight Meals

Singapore Airlines has a culinary reputation that can be attributed largely to their collaboration with world-acclaimed chefs who own Michelin-starred restaurants across the world. Under the ‘Book the Cook’ service in which you need to make a booking at least 24 hours before departure, you get to select gourmet meals from appetizers like potato salad with baby shrimp, or exquisite oriental entrees such as wok-fried chicken in sesame oil. Economy class passengers also benefit from the airline’s gastronomic focus with options ranging from post-weaning and baby meals for children to low fat and other dietary options for adults.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines In-Flight Meals

Austrian Airlines takes great pride in their meal service. All their food is sourced from the world-renowned catering company DO & CO that also has upscale restaurants in food capitals around the world such as Vienna, London, and New York. To top it off, each flight has an on-board sommelier to find the perfect wine pairing for its Business Class passengers. Finally, even though there are nine distinct menus ranging from tapas to Schnitzel, which Austrian meal would be complete without coffee? Take your pick from 11 different types of Austrian Meinl coffee, and get just the caffeine kick you need.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines In-Flight Meals

Turkish Airlines, another airline on our list that caters from DO & CO, comes prepared to satiate all your on-board cravings. They will have you blown away from the moment you board as you are greeted by a chef in a starched white livery, like one in a high-end restaurant. The ‘flying chef’ creates every dish using freshly sourced ingredients, whipping up signature dishes including shish kebab, karniyarik, manti, and bayildi. Economy class passengers are also treated to award-winning flavours and can relish starters like olive oil–poached artichoke and entrèes such as grilled beef with creamy eggplant.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific In-Flight Meals

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s flag carrier, is a gastronome’s delight. Here, nearly every dish is a celebration of China. In partnership with Chef Daniel Green, First and Business class passengers are given a chance to experience his light and clean dining philosophy. Cathay Pacific was also one of the first airlines to have rice cookers, toasters and skillets on board to ensure fresh, custom-made meals for its patrons. For those who want to indulge, the airline is most famous for its signature caviar served with Krug champagne, and dishes from Hong Kong such as the slow-cooked pork and Hong Kong-style curry prawns.

Air France

Air France In-Flight Meals

Given France’s reputation for high culinary standards, it seems unsurprising to find their flag carrier on this list of airlines offering best in-flight meals. Treat your taste buds to Atlantic Lobster with curried coconut sauce or even a Provencal lamb chop with zucchini pesto. Attention is paid not only to the food but also immaculate services,  porcelain tableware, and of course the presentation of the food itself. What’s more, the menus are changed every 10 days ensuring that even frequent fliers don’t have to eat repeat meals.

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