How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, but flight tickets are a whole different story. With so many airlines vying for your attention, finding cheap airfares can become both overwhelming and a full-time job. However, a lot of people do not score well on flight ticket bookings simply because they don’t know how to find affordable tickets to their favorite destination.

Here are some tips that will help you fly on a budget to any location across the world.

Keep Your Searches a Top Secret

Ever felt like you’re crazy for seeing out-of-the-blue price inflation after you’ve searched for a flight a couple of times? You’re certainly not hallucinating. The cookies and server details of your server are registered with airline and travel websites, which, upon sniffing your motives, tend to raise flight fares. This is why you need to always keep your online activities a top-secret and use the private navigation mode – the Incognito mode – of your browser. You can continue using the standard mode, too, provided you clear all browser cookies or surf via a different device so your browsing history is not registered.

Reward Yourself

Airline miles, also known as frequent flyer miles, are a reward you earn on buying an airline’s flight tickets. The reward points keep accumulating until a time you can win a free trip based on your miles earned and redeemed.

Choose Low-Cost Carriers

Another smart way to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation is by opting for low-cost carriers whose ticket prices lower than their full-service counterparts. However, this reduction in fares comes at a cost. Unlike traditional airlines, low-cost carriers do not offer free checked baggage allowance, complimentary meals and entertainment, and wide leg and shoulder room. Moreover, their aircraft generally lands in smaller airports that could be located on the outskirts of a destination.

Subscribe to Airline Newsletters

Airlines routinely release exciting airfare deals and discounts on their flights, but the reason most of us miss out on them is that these deals are limited-time offers that vanish into thin air in the blink of an eye. This is why you should subscribe to airline newsletters and set up fare alerts so that not a single deal misses your eye.

Become an Early-Bird or Red-Eye Traveler

Most travelers do not prefer flying during the wee hours (after midnight) or early morning (4 am to 6 am) and, as a result, lose out on exclusive flight deals reserved for those who dare to leap. As airlines need more paying customers to fill in the spots for late night and early morning flights, they reduce ticket prices, sometimes as much as 50% of the standard rate! Losing one night’s sleep isn’t that bad, after all.

Book Two Legs of a Journey Separately

This trick works the best for long-haul flights. Instead of booking your itinerary all at once, try booking different legs separately. For example, if you’re flying from Boston to Dublin, it would be cheap to book your itinerary from Boston to Copenhagen and then from Copenhagen to Dublin and back, rather than booking a direct flight. An important thing to keep in mind while booking each leg separately is to allow plenty of transfer time between flights or else you might miss your flight. So, make sure to double-check departure and arrival times for each.

Now that you’ve read the tips mentioned above, you’ve got no excuse for not traveling big on a modest budget! If you’re looking for cheap flights, come to and find the best bargains on air tickets.

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