Responsible Flying – Five Tips for Eco-Conscious Fliers

Responsible Flying - Five Tips for Eco-Conscious Fliers | Travel Blog

When a 16-year-old raises hackles for speaking out against climate change, you know the threat is real. Flying is an activity responsible for leaving behind a significantly large carbon footprint. However, air travel is not something we can completely avoid, given our dependence on it. But with a few eco-friendly travel measures, you can do your bit to save the planet. Follow these green travel tips to fly responsibly the next time you board a flight.

  1. Fly with an Eco-friendly Airline

Fly with an Eco-friendly Airline

Eco-friendly travel is perhaps the easiest to achieve with the right partner – an eco-friendly airline. While you have no control over the aircraft an airline uses, you can certainly choose the ones that make a responsible choice. This will only take some research on your part before you book a flight. Newer aircraft like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 are more fuel-efficient, and hence more eco-friendly compared to older models. Choose airlines that employ greener aircraft models. You might find that there is a negligible increase in ticket price when you make an eco-conscious choice, but isn’t saving your planet worth it?

  1. Fly Economy Class

Operating a plane demands an incredible amount of fuel, which naturally results in significant carbon emissions. Thus, it only makes sense to optimize the number of plane trips. Business and First Class seats operate on the principle of exclusivity, offering more space to a lower number of people. Economy Class, on the other hand, accommodates the maximum number of people on a particular plane, without imperiling their safety. Skip luxury travel every now and then and choose to fly Economy for a good cause.

  1. Pack Light

Pack Light

The lighter an airplane is, the less fuel it consumes. With many airlines now offering unbundled fares, you can not only save money by packing most of your stuff in a single piece of hand baggage, but also have an opportunity to do your bit for the environment. This vacation, perhaps you can forgo packing that extra suitcase of “just in case” in favor of eco-conscious travel.

  1. Book Nonstop Flights

Flights with even one layover are more burdensome on the environment. They have a significantly higher carbon footprint, since they must land and take off all over again, which consumes plenty of fuel. Instead, book nonstop flights that fly directly from one destination to another with no stops in between. Not only will they save your time, they will also help you contribute to reduced carbon emissions.

  1. Go for Plastic-Free Toiletries

Go for Plastic-Free Toiletries

Those tiny travel-size shampoo bottles are bound to make their way to the bin as soon as they are emptied, leaving more non-biodegradable plastic waste for the earth to struggle with. Abstain from using them and instead, invest in a reusable washbag or small reusable bottles into which you can pour your liquids. Additionally, you may also consider bringing your (biodegradable) cutlery to the plane so you don’t have to use disposable ones that create unnecessary waste.

Air travel does cause a lot of pollution, but is indispensable to our lives. Thus, making it more environment-friendly should be a priority, especially for frequent flyers. You will find that eco-conscious travel can be easily managed within your budget. If a particular airline is eco-friendly but beyond your budget, you may always use our low fare calendar to find flights in your budget on dates of your choosing.

Once you consciously embrace eco-friendliness while making lifestyle choices, you will find that keeping it up is not all that hard, and that being callous costs you far more than being careful.

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