Use These Long Weekends in 2020 to Take a Trip Around Canada

Long weekend getaways are a perfect way to unwind; and what better way to put 2020’s long weekends to use than visiting some beautiful destinations in Canada? Whether you are looking at summer weekend getaways or couples getaway in the winter, take your pick from our compilation of weekend getaway ideas in Canada.

When to go – Long Weekend Holiday Calendar 2020

  • February 8, Saturday
  • February 9, Sunday
  • February 10, Monday (Family Day)

Family Day is a statutory holiday in some provinces in Canada, making it the perfect time to plan family weekend getaways. Whether you decide to explore another city or head to a quiet place, you’ll find this just the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

  • February 14, Friday (Valentine’s Day)
  • February 15, Saturday (Flag Day)
  • February 16, Sunday
  • February 17, Monday (Family Day)

Nothing gets better than 4-day getaways. Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect time to plan romantic getaways. Visit Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario with your partner. The graceful Victorian Manors, the grapevines, and the charm of this historic 19th-century village will make your romantic vacation a memorable one.

  • April 10, Friday (Good Friday)
  • April 11, Saturday
  • April 12, Sunday
  • April 13, Monday (Easter Monday)

These 4 days give a perfect opportunity to plan a fun Easter weekend getaway. Plan a trip with your kids to Toronto and take them to visit the Royal Ontario Museum. During this time, a trip to Waterton Lakes National Park can also make for one of the best 4-day vacations for couples. What’s more, you can plan cheap vacations in April with’s cheap vacation deals.

  • May 16, Saturday
  • May 17, Sunday
  • May 18, Monday (Victoria Day)

The Victoria Day weekend marks the end of winter and the incoming of spring. If you are planning for weekend getaways with kids during this time, head to the city of Victoria in British Columbia. The city is known for its grand parades and celebrates the day with magnificent fireworks.

  • August 1, Saturday
  • August 2, Sunday
  • August 3, Monday (Civic Holiday)

Civic Holiday or Provincial Day is an off in some regions of Canada such as in the Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Nunavut. Heading to these places for a weekend getaway is a good option. Thanks to cheap vacation deals at, you don’t need to worry about shelling big bucks to plan the vacation.

  • September 5, Saturday
  • September 6, Sunday
  • September 7, Monday (Labor Day)

Picnics, fireworks, and fairs make Labor Day the perfect time for an outing with your family. With amazing flight deals from, you can plan the best family vacations on a budget.

  • October 10, Saturday
  • October 11, Sunday
  • October 12, Monday (Thanksgiving Day)

Use extended weekend on Thanksgiving to spend some time together with your family. This weekend is also perfect to take the last autumn vacation around Canada before the cold weather takes over.

As another year comes to an end, what better way to celebrate it than with winter getaways! December is the perfect time for winter weekend getaways no matter where you choose to visit. Just make sure to spend the holiday season with your loved ones.

Where to go

Looking for long weekend getaways to make the most of your holidays in 2020? Here is our list of some of the places to go this weekend around Canada.

1. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

This island in Nova Scotia will bewitch you with its scenic beauty. Head to Cape Breton Highlands Park, the crown jewel of this island and do visit the stunning Skyline Trail. The ocean cliffs and glow of the water will stay with you forever. You can also take one of the best road trips at the Cabot Trail, which is a great and cheap family vacation option.

Location- Nova Scotia

Nearest Airport- JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport, Halifax Stanfield International Airport

2. Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park is a quiet little place with a perfect setting, which makes it an ideal place for weekend getaways for couples. The beauty of the beams of light illuminating the glaciers and their reflection in the clear lake will capture your heart. Reserve a room in one of the chalet-style lodges and spend one of the best romantic weekend getaways here with your partner.

Location- Alberta

Nearest Airports- Calgary International Airport in Calgary, Glacier Park International Airport near Kalispell, Lethbridge Airport in Lethbridge, Alberta

3. Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff National Park is one of Canada’s most stunning and breathtaking regions. The beauty of this place makes it one of the greatest destinations for long weekend getaways. You can visit this place any time of the year, as this destination offers year-round activities.

Location- Alberta

Nearest Airport- Calgary International Airport

How to go

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