Aug. 6-12: Power Outage Caused Delta Cancellation; American’s Inflight Shows Now Free; Olympic Golfer Reunited with Clubs; Marriott-Starwood Merger on Hold; & Tourist Ends up in Refugee Center

Delta Canceled Flights Over Power Outage

Two weeks after Southwest Airlines’ ran into IT issues that caused delays and cancellations on all their flights, Delta Air Lines ran into a similar issue this week. What started as a system outage that disrupted all Delta flights on Monday morning continued into Wednesday. Delta initially offered issued travel waiver for Monday only, but eventually had to extend it through Thursday. Depending on which side you believe, the outage was either Delta’s or Georgia Power’s fault.

American’s Inflight Shows Now Free

Following in Delta Air Lines’ footsteps back in June, American Airlines has started offering its inflight programs for free to all domestic travelers. Passengers flying on wifi-enabled planes or planes with seatback entertainment systems will have free access to all channels and content library, including premium ones such as HBO offerings. While it’s free to connect to the wifi and access the shows, internet usage for other uses will still incur a charge.

Olympic Golfer Reunited with Clubs

Golf is an Olympic sport again after a 112-year hiatus. Athletes traveling to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the Olympics no doubt have a lot on their mind, but losing their equipment probably wasn’t something they thought about. Unfortunately for Emiliano Grillo, a golfer from Argentina, his clubs didn’t arrive with him when he landed in Rio on Sunday, after stopovers in New York City, Miami and Sao Paulo. After getting frustrated in trying to get a live human on the phone, he sent out a series of tweets in his effort to try and locate them. Fortunately for Mr. Grillo, he didn’t miss his chance at representing his country in the Olympics when he was finally reunited with his club on Monday night.

Marriott-Starwood Merger on Hold…Again

And the Marriott-Starwood merger runs into another obstacle. After months of reviews by regulators, Marriott International was expected to announce the completion of their merger with Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide on Tuesday. Unfortunately for Marriott, on Monday they announced a new wrinkle to the merger: the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s (MOFCOM) requested that its transaction review period be extended for another 60 days. China is the last country left to approve the merger, as 40 other countries have already completed their review. In a statement released Monday by both companies, “Marriott and Starwood continue to believe that their planned merger transaction poses no anti-competitive issues in China.” Back in April, Marriott had to compete against Chinese insurance company, Anbang, who was also trying to purchase Starwood.

Random News Story of the Week: Tourist Ends up in Refugee Center

Imagine going on a vacation, getting robbed, and somehow ending up in a refugee center for almost two weeks. While these series of unfortunate events may sound like a movie, it happened to a Chinese tourist from Beijing who was vacationing in Heidelberg in southwestern Germany. The 31-year-old-traveler who doesn’t speak English or German, identified as Mr. L, made his way to the city hall after he was robbed to file a report thinking it was the police station. After signing a few forms, he was taken to a Red Cross refugee center in Duelmen, 220 miles away. The surprising thing was that the authorities didn’t have a Mandarin translator, and it took them 12 days to find one … from a local Chinese restaurant. Mr. L was eventually released and he continued his vacation to France and Italy. Hopefully that was the most unexpected thing he encountered on the rest of his trip.

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