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Which airlines offer the ultimate in-flight experience? Explore the luxurious amenities offered by award-winning carriers like Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. Some of my favorites include massage seats, lie-flat beds, private suites for maximum privacy and meals when you want them (am I the only one who hates being woken up to eat every 2 hours?). Airlines based in the U.S. do not offer the same features, but still make the list for their entertainment systems. Read more (at MSNBC’s Overhead Bin).


It was a busy week for TSA personnel at JFK Airport in New York City. TSA screeners at JFK foiled a dangerous (although somewhat silly) plot. A passenger attempted to bring a knife onboard a flight. The traveler hid the knife in a full jar of mayonnaise, which ironically is also not allowed in carry-on luggage. If that wasn’t enough, TSA agents were called out by an American Airlines pilot for inappropriate language. After asking TSA personnel to tone down the language, the AA pilot was promptly doused with hot coffee by one of the screeners. The TSA agent was arrested for harassment and assault, luckily the pilot was not seriously hurt. Read more (at USA Today).


Smartphones and iPads can remain in carry-on luggage, but laptops must be scanned separately. This rule has always been a curious one. It seems like phones, tablets and other devices are so similar to laptops that it would make sense to scan them all  individually. The article investigates the reasons behind some of the stranger TSA regulations. Spoiler alert: these rules exist to promote a feeling or appearance of security, not actually enhance safety. Read more (at NY Times).


Dallas flight cancellations due to storm affecting travelers throughout the U.S. For the fourth day in a row, service out of DFW airport has been severely disrupted due to the aftermath of tornadoes. Today, nearly 300 American Airlines flights were cancelled. DFW is one of AA’s major hubs, so travelers with layovers in Dallas or even other AA passengers (perhaps awaiting an aircraft from Dallas) have already felt the effects. Travelers in St. Louis, Seattle and other major cities have been dealing with delays or cancellations for several days.  It will take more time for service to return to normal as the airline wants to inspect each plan for damage resulting from the storm. Read more (at Fort Worth Star Telegram).

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