February 7-13: “Chairman’s Flight”, $75 First Class Transatlantic Tickets, Standing Only Flights and More

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from standing room only flights, more winter storms, and the new United Airlines website, to the “Chairman’s Flight”, Southwest’s medical transportation grant program and $75 first class tickets. Enjoy!

Standing Room Only

Forget shrinking seats, one airline is looking to get rid of seats all together. Spring Airlines, China’s leading low-cost carrier, is apparently hoping to roll out standing-room only cabins where passengers remain upright, strapped into standing “seats” with safety belts around the waist.

The “Chairman’s Flight”

United Airlines is cooperating with a Federal investigation of the personal travel of David Samson, the former Port Authority chairman of New York and New Jersey. According to reports in publications like the New York Times, it seems there are questions surrounding an often undersold flight route from Newark to Columbia, South Carolina – the location of Samson’s weekend home. Apparently Samson dubbed the flight “the chairman’s flight”.

More Flight Cancellations for the Northeast

Another week and another winter storm. This time the impact is on travelers flying into and out of the Northeast – including Newark, New York, Boston and Maine. As in previous weeks, many airlines began posting alerts and change fee waivers ahead of the storm.

New United.com Website Expected this Summer

United Airline’s is about to start testing a new website with its frequent flyers. The redesign will provide customers with more information, better filtering and an ability to purchase additional services – all while presenting a cohesive experience across multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.). While a launch date has not been announced, the new site is expected to roll out this year.

Southwest to Offer Free Medical Flights

Southwest will be providing $3.2 million in free flights to families in need of specialized medical care within the U.S. In total 101 facilities around the country will be taking part in Southwest’s 2015 medical transportation grant program.

Random Story of the Week: $75 London to New York flight too Good to be True

Travelers who snapped up first class fares on United from London to Newark for as little as $75 are not going to be rewarded for their impulsive purchase. United is voiding several thousand tickets purchased as a result of a third-party software error.

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