Jan. 30-Feb. 5: Families Board First on United; In-flight Snacks are Back; Demand-Based Pricing at Universal Hollywood; ATMs Accepting Smartphones; Dubai Remains World’s Busiest Airport; & Delta Flight Attendants Fist Fight

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline and travel news – from United to restart letting families board first, airlines binging back snacks, and Universal Hollywood offers demand-based pricing, to withdrawing cash with your smartphone, Dubai Remains World’s Busiest Airport for second consecutive year, and fighting Delta flight attendants causes unscheduled stop.

United to Restart Letting Families Board First

Parents with children under the age of two who have an upcoming flight on United, here’s a bit of good news: starting February 15, the airline will start letting families traveling with children under two board first. Ever since United overhauled its boarding policy in 2012, families with young children were forced to board the plane with everyone else. According to Sandra Pineau-Boddison, United’s senior vice president of customers, this move is “part of a larger effort by the Chicago-based airline to be more attentive to passengers’ needs.” With this change, all major U.S. airlines now have a policy for letting families on first.

Snacks are Back in the Air

After years of cutbacks, shrinking seats and fees galore because of rising fuel costs, American Airlines and United Airlines are now starting to offer snacks on their flights again (Delta Air Lines never removed snacks from their flights). Starting this month, American and United brought back their free snacks in coach. Currently American is only offering cookies or pretzels on flights between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco, with plans to expand the offering to all domestic flights in April. On top of that, travelers flying on American can experience the airline’s expanded complimentary in-flight entertainment, offering up to 40 movies and 60 TV shows. United on the other hand has started serving things like caramel-filled waffle on early-morning flights and savory snack mixes later in the day on all domestic flights. While this is good news, we doubt that ancillary fees for things like checked bags will go away.

Universal Hollywood Offers Demand-Based Pricing

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood this year, the theme park is now offering cheaper tickets if you’re willing to go on specific days. Under the new demand-based pricing, an adult ticket purchased online or at the gate will cost $95, whereas if you purchase a ticket online in advance that’s valid for a specific date between mid-June and early-September, you can save $5. If you can wait until mid-September, after the peak summer season, a ticket will cost only $75. Known as EZ Rez, guests who buy date specific tickets have one extra perk: getting to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (scheduled to open on April 7) an hour before the park opens.

Withdrawing Cash with Your Smartphone

Soon you can carry one fewer card in your wallet. Three of the country’s largest banks, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo plan to start rolling out ATMs that will allow customers to withdraw cash using their smartphones. Bank of America plans to have to have the cardless ATMs available in May, while Chase customers will start seeing cardless ATMs sometime in the second half of this year. Wells Fargo plans to start installing the new ATMs in a limited capacity by summer and nationwide by the end of the year.

Dubai Remains World’s Busiest Airport

For the second year in a row, Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, serving 78 million passengers in 2015, a 10.7 percent increase compared to 2014. The boost is partly due to the 12 new destinations from Dubai as well as the addition of carriers like Air Canada, Germany’s Eurowings and China Southern Airlines. For the second year in a row, London’s Heathrow Airport played second fiddle to Dubai in terms of passengers, serving over 75 million travelers in 2015, up 2.2 percent.

Random Story of the Week: Delta Flight Attendants Get in Fist Fight

It’s become almost too common to read about ill-behaving passengers on flights, but it’s not very often when flight attendants get into fights amongst themselves. A recent Delta flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis had to make an unscheduled stop in Salt Lake City when two flight attendants’ disagreement turned into a full blown fight. When a third woman tried to intervene, she was apparently hit by “flying fists”. Delta issued a statement and an apology to all the passengers on the flight and offered SkyMiles members miles and non-members a traveler voucher. The flight was on the ground in Salt Lake City for 80 minutes before resuming its course, arriving in Minneapolis more than an hour late.

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